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Accident aftermath Vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pommygit, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. In case anyone missed it yesterday, here it is again.

    Its a hand held video taken of an accident scene just after it happens. Its an accident and people are injured (some potentially fatal) so use your common sense. If you dont want to look at an accident, dont look at it.


    No stupid comments today, I PERSONALLY believe the accident is a result of speeding but not everyone agrees. This is just MY OPINION.

    Thought id make that clear for all the people that struggled with that yesterday.

  2. If ANY bickering and name calling starts in this thread this time around, It will be deleted.

    Anyone who attempts to repost it will have their account blocked.

    If it goes, then its gone for good!
  3. If anyone makes a personal attack or malicious personal comment in this topic, they will have their account deleted immediately!. I have had a gut full of you sandpit clowns - my 3 year old nephews behave better and respect the opinion of others better than some of you.

    If your unsure ... best you act on the side of caution! Don't say you weren't warned.
  4. ok....

    2 q's then:

    why do you say he was speeding?

    why is anyone who disagrees stupid? (no, i'm not trying to start this again, i want an honest answer...)
  5. Speeding by the driver or rider?? (i'm guessing you mean rider but i'd just like to clarify)
  6. I can't watch bloody/gruesome scene so can anyone just describe what happens ?
  7. Firstly to the moderators.. Im with you on this. Im only reposting to allow people to view it who havent seen it. I dont see why I should have the thread taken down just because others decide to instigate silly bickering.

    To coconuts, I think for the sake of this thread I will ignore the first part of your comment, as to why I believe it was speeding. Simple, in my own experience the extent of the impact on the vehicle could only have been caused by excesive speeding, if I was to take a guess, id say he would have been doing over 200.

    If you dont agree with this, thats cool. I have no problems with it. And I really dont want to get into an arguement over it either. Analyse the video and make your own assumptions. If you dont want to make any assumptions then dont make any. Just view the video for what it is if you choose to watch it.

  8. i've heard of a car being literally cut in half by a bike doing 100ish (ish meaning probably a little under due to braking). granted, this was a heavier bike, but also a more solid car. have you seen what a car does when it hits something at 100? have you seen what happens to a bike when it hits something at 100? (i mean hits something solid, not slides) 100kph is WELL fast enuff to do the sort of damage in that vid....
  9. Its not really gruesome to be honest (to me). A simple description would be. A car with half its front ripped apart (with bike wheel still wedged inside), a bike thats litterly been smashed to pieces with parts strewn all over the road. The rider is on the floor and appears to be deceased. The driver of the car is still inside and also appears to be deceased. There are lots of people walking about like headless chickens and its been filmed by one of them
  10. That bike is seriously stuffed. Too many pieces lying around. Javaman, its an R1 and its front wheel is embedded in the front right hand quarter? panel of a car. Lady is still in the car looking pretty crap. Rider is back a bit lying on the road looking like hes asleep, no marks except blood on face ( helmet still on). His body is not contorted. Tailpiece and seat on road, frame and rear wheel and forks further along. tank gone, can actually see under the airbox. Heaps of people just milling around. Rider had good gear on, but that can only do so much to protect you. If you break your neck or cop some serious internal dmage doesnt matter if youre in jeans and thongs.
  11. dad saw it, rider survived, driver died. the rider was thrown clear, suffered a broken leg and some rash. its not something that would occour often, but sometimes the rider does come out better.

    i've also seen a couple of pics of similar incidents, one where the rider was thrown clear and 2 where the rider ended up decorating the inside of the car :shock: seriously, 100kph is DEADLY AS if you stop too quickly....
  12. Absolutely, I have no doubts about that at all.
  13. Agree Vic, this thread is just way out of hand. More blue cards in this one thread than the whole year. Keep it nice all and just opinions on the topic, don't force you opinion on someone else with name calling etc.
  14. OMG!! :shock:
    I honestly can't believe that the rider was still in one piece after something like that!
    The collision must have been huge for the front wheel to embed itself into the car body the way it did.
    I once saw 2 cars hit head on at around 70km/h and that was pretty nasty. I can only imagine that the bike hit the car at some rate of knots.
    Hopefully the car passenger didn't die as well, it was bad enough that the rider died as it was. :cry:
  15. Is this now a different morbid video?
  16. Nup scooter. Same one as yesterday just the old thread got removed because it had unfortunately digressed into pretty much personal attacks against other posters.
  17. We don't know that the rider has died. It has just been assumed, maybe correctly so as in the BRIEF look i had of it he didn't look too good, it cannot be known for sure though.
  18. The driver was turning, there is no evidence to say a lady who was the driver was speeding ....

    By the same token, there is no conclusive evidence the rider was speeding either .... but from my experience, it does appear this was certainly a contributing factor of the collision.
  19. Thanks pommygit and Curtaingirls.
  20. I've actually watched the video now ...

    I can tell you that its orgins are from Romania.
    The plates on both the car (BV-08-JOZ) and bike (BV-777) have BV initials. They are in fact, from Brasov county (in Transylvania region) of Romania.

    Guy in white singlet is the son of the driver in the car. Judging from what I could understand, they were asking if the rider was breathing ... to which they said no.

    The left indicator was flashing on the car .... cwhich suggested she was turning left from the main road to the left carriage way. The impact was on the right front and it is clear that the rider was coming from top road.

    Without reviewing the footage a little closer, it is not clear why there are no skid marks from the rider ... nor why the car ended up where it is some metres back from the carriage way ...

    You cannot rebuff the possibility of the rider speeding, along with a combination of driver error. However, I can say from my experience that riders in Europe are a little crazy ... and yes, the love to speed !!!