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Accessory Circuit on a GPX 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jd, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I'm currently looking at trying to fit some driving lights, and possibly also a power supply for my GPS. I thought this would be fairly straightforward process after reading on the Ninja 250 FAQ that there's an accessory circuit already prewired into the bike.

    However, when I actually looked at my bike (an 07 model) - these wires are nowhere to be found. The fuse box does still have a fuse for an accessory circuit, and the same number of wires coming out - I just have absolutely no idea where they go (I have checked the wiring loom around the area where the spare connectors are supposed to be - but I can't feel anything but wires).

    So the question is has anyone actually wired up anything into the accessory circuit of a late model GPX - and if so where (if anywhere) did you find the connector?

  2. There is a spare acc plug on mine near side under the seat fairing . Haven't tried it though
  3. Does it look the same as in the link I posted, or something different?
  4. Re: Accessory Circuit on a GPX

    All sounds good but I'd check the max charge output of your Alt 1st, most bike Alternators don't put out enough charge to run extra high usage lights like driving lights for extended periods.
    Suck to much power and you will find yourself at night with a dead battery and bike.
  5. The pic doesn't come up on iPad but it's a wire loom with a female plug on the end
  6. Found that, but what I don't have is the power draw of the bike. Only have a couple of small 55w lights so the plan was to try one first and check with a voltmeter - then try both. If need be I'll stick with the one, or consider switching to LED.

    Any chance of posting a pic of the plug on your bike?