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Accessories shop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Scumbag, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Ladies and Gents (and all others)
    There is a new Accessories shop open in Bayswater.
    I have just returned from there with a new set of boots. Spidi Vertabra waterproof for 349 dollars.
    They have a pile of other stuff in there as well.
    For the person on the lookout for Dri Rider stuff. Good range and a rallycross jacket is selling for 249.
    The name of the shop is
    All Motorcycle X-ccessories
    5/477 Dorset Rd
    Bayswater 3153
    ph 9729 8000
    The guy who runs it is named Rod.
    Most of the prices are already discounted, but he said if you were going to kit yourself out then a further discount may apply.
    He also said he is becoming a Draggin Jeans retailer in the next couple of weeks.

  2. And they sell Shoei. Cool, I was just looking at their helmets.
  3. Did you convince him to sign up as a partner ?????????
  4. Matt232, no explaining at all, I just thought people may be interested, plus I had not seen the Bike mart thread as I was interstate and had not logged on.
    Vic, I put it to him and he said he could more than likely do a deal on gear if bought as a complete kit. The prices seem pretty good anyway.
    mouth, Yep some of the stuff may be last years models and colours but for the money you cannot really complain.
    G, how many helmets do you really need mate. (vtic)
  5. fair enough...and thanks for thinking of us.
  6. Spoke to these guys just before new years after grabbing a new jacket off them.

    While they are working to get the http://www.amx.net.au/ website up and running they have an exisiting website for the ATV side of things they have.