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Accessories international

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Rpe1977, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone has had problems purchasing products online from accessory international.
    I placed an order about a month ago, is it normal to take this long ?
    They don't return my emails!, I'm not sure what to do.
    They confirmed my order and said I would get a tracking number in 4 days but nothing , the only thing they did was take $1000 from my credit card.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

  2. Doesn't sound good mate,i usually buy from reputable dealers like revzilla or sportbiketrackgear if i buy online, or do a google search before purchasing,
    doing a google search came up with a lot of similar problems to yours,if you paid with paypal i would be taking action and putting a dispute in
    sorry to hear mate,hope it works out for ya
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  3. Cheers qwik,
    So it seems ive been had!
    Lesson learnt
    i'll keep ya updated
  4. I would try and ring them on Monday evening which would be their Monday morning. They are 14 hours behind us. So their 9:00am would be 11:00pm here.

    0011 1 786-242-5400
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  5. tried calling them? these guys?

    geez CJ is quick :p
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    Thanx I've been putting off the phone call but i will give it a go.

    Judging by some of the reviews I've just read their customer service leaves a lot to be desired
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  7. If you paid with your cc at least you are covered by them so your money is safe :)
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    Yeah I paid by credit card so all good in that way hopefully! .

    How long does it take to receive an order from the states, for example one of the things I ordered was a west eagle seat.
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  9. Revzilla take under a week to get parts to Sydney, however I am currently waiting for items to arrive from Seattle (different vendor) and in my experience that can take up to three weeks.
    What type of postage did you pay for when you ordered the kit?
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  10. I ordered a Jacket and back protector from revzilla on the 3rd and was delivered on the 10th, revzilla are great,sportbiketrackgear generally take 10 to 14 days from order, both are great at keeping you updated through the process and with customer service.
  11. U.S.P.S Priority Mail International which was $91.55 ,order was placed on 13-06-15
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  12. The USPS site says 6-10 business days, so it looks like the Vendors are just slack (but not rip off merchants - hopefully).

    ETA beaten to it by oldcorollasoldcorollas
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  13. When I purchase from US I am usually given a tracking number and I can track it through the mail system USPS then on in to AusPost. I did notice an item bounce around the states a bit on one occasion and did take 4-5 weeks. Send an email to the vendor and request tracking information. They may have been out of stock and have been late in dispatching your stuff.
  14. Yeah I think it's definitely a vender problem, I can live with delays but the fact they keep ignoring my emails is really p***ing me off !
    When I placed the order they told me I would get a tracking No. in 3-4 days but still nothing.
    4 x emails asking for tracking No. and some info with no reply NOT GOOD!
    I will ring them Monday and see what they say cheers for the help everyone
  15. Just an update,
    Accessories international got back to me today.Reason for the delay was the seat I ordered is currently out of stock and would be available for shipping in a few days.
    They offered to do a part shipment for the other items but i will wait for the whole lot.
    Reason for not returning my emails he said they went to his junk mail and he didn't get them, we'll see how it goes it might be a little while longer!
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  16. That is great to hear and hopefully they'll come good. Keep us posted.
  17. I hate bad customer service like that. Leaving you in the lurch not knowing what's happening with a grand in the balance. That's a lot of coin for anyone.

    Can't go wrong with Revzilla or STG, Jake Wilson and Motomummy also get the thumbs up from me.
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    Revzilla's getting a good rap, I'll have a look what they've got for next time maybe.
    At least There communicating with me now which is a relief, much much happier