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Accessories for GPX250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Germaine, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. So I have a 1989 Kawasaki GPX250 and was wondering if it was possible to add a couple of 'accessories' to it.

    A) CLOCK
    -- I was wondering if it was possible to change all the meters (I don't know what the part is called :( *noobie*) to a new one which additionally has a clock and possibly a fuel gauge (cause mine doesn't have one), something like what the new CBF250s have

    8) GPS
    -- Can somebody advise me on this if I were to have GPS for my bike? I understand that there are ones specially made to be placed for motorbikes.

    Sorry if these seem like dumb questions but I'm still a noobie and learning :)
  2. Yes you can change the clocks, but its seriously not worth it and will probably take away some resale value anyway. Best bet is to just strap a watch around the bar, or if you want you can get a little bicycle computer for the bar with stopwatch, clock, trip metres, speedo, average speed, etc.

    As for fuel gauge, again not worth it. Just fill up totally and reset the trip metre. A gpx should be able to go at least 300 before having to change to reserve.
  3. A) Yes. Clockabout.com.au (not changing what's there, but you can add a clock) Alternatively, just look into the nearest 4WD, most have them! :p

    8) Yes, most major gps manufacturers have bike versions, do a search on here for reviews of good ones & check the manufacturers websites.

  4. yeah bung a bike comp on it and then you will have a speedo that might be right also.
    300 phiz... come on mate 350.
  5. Are you on a restricted license? If so, save you money mate for a bigger bike. Not worth modding up a bike that you're only gonna have for 18months or so
  6. Yes I'm on my P's and still restricted for the next year. Thanks for the advice guys!
  7. A sigma bike computer (for clock and accurate speedo) is cheap and can be sold later, while the GPS could be used on any bike - he's not exactly throwing away money...
  8. Yup but its an 89 so wanted to leave some room to spare :) I almost always got 400 before reserve on the zzr, but I rode it like a comotosed grandma.
  9. i see. see you sunday then eh