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Acceptance of people's rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Santaria, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Is it normal for a group to be critical of someone's choice of ride? I've come across a few threads over the course of a few months (not on Netrider I don't think) and found that people can be very harsh on a person's bike if it isn't a specific type/brand etc or is a specific type like Ducati's breaking down, Harley's being tractors etc.. I personally don't, but I ride a GS500 so everything is a Porsche to me at the moment until I'm off of restrictions.

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  2. Holden vs Ford, European built vs Australian built.
    Even motorbikes have their colloquialisms, preferences, and humorous 'ribbing' - jap bike vs yank bike, latte sipping ducati riders vs power ranger hyper sports racers.
    Like in most things, a small minority push it too far and make it nasty or a pissing contest.
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  3. People are people and always will be...

    Don't let it affect your life choices.
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  4. I don't care what anyone rides - we're all in the brotherhood together (except scooterists)
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  5. #5 Nicholai_Chev, Nov 2, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2015
    We aren't judgmental unless its a Hyosung, in which case we would ask if you need Tow-truck or point the Ducati rider to the nearest cafe :p
    You are always judged on how you ride, condition of your bike, how you dress and speak.

    Some of the riders I know commute on older bikes which have seen better days but could out-ride the majority of us.
    The first thing I look on for someones bike to see if their talking shit is their tires; appropriate for weather, tread depth, pressure and how far they lean to gauge experience.

    Best thing you can do is ride proudly and confidently.
    BTW: Most riders who know their stuff have a fair amount of respect for the GS-500, it may not be a looker however its deadly reliable and a solid bike.
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  6. You see this everywhere across all communities. I'm new to the bike scene but have been around car communities for a long time and it happens everywhere. I've owned a variety of cars and I consider myself blessed to have enjoyed the whole spectrum.

    There is beauty and enjoyment in all toys. ;)
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  7. If u ride a bike that has less than 100kws I don't want to know u ...
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  8. My bike is way betterer than yours :)
  9. bikes are tools not toys
  10. You ride? We're happy to ride with you....
  11. My bike is way biggerer than yours :)
  12. Probably bigger than mine too!
  13. Biggerer is betterer, everyone knows that ;)
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  14. I have being riding for over 40 years and enjoy riding a 35 year old 250. And yes they may poke fun at me but in the hills they are not quicker. So I get the last laugh. And buy the way the GS500 is a great bike and if you know how to ride, it will do ok
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  15. :wideyed:

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  16. There will always be a few dickheads who really do think your choice of bike is wrong in some way. I think many comments come across that way because text communication is devoid of any of the visual and voice cues that actually carry meaning, so they seem bad-intentioned. The FACT of the matter is that if it has 2 wheels and requires a licence then it's all good.
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  17. Here is a description of a famous cartoon I once saw in Easy Rider magazine. Three bikes at a set of traffic lights next to each other, a BMW twin tourer a cafe racer Triton and a chopper and there is a thought bubble connected to all three that says these other 2 blokes look like wankers. Tribalism at its best
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  18. Meh. Ride what you want. It's your ride.

    Don't bag me for my ride. I love it.

    Scooters suck. I rode one for a while.
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  19. Ummm, you really haven't been here long, have you? :hilarious:
  20. I guess I meant there has been no malice. Just some general poking fun at worst.