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Acceptable time limit for small warranty job?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Romie, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Hello netrider peoples!
    I am after some help. My bike is under warranty and has small oil leak. I know where its leaking from and showed them. After speaking to someone from America that works on these bikes on a daily basis I've found the problem to be fairly common. After speaking to this guy he told me how to fix it and from the sounds of it, it wouldnt take more then a hour or two to fix. The dealer has had my bike for 2 days now and its still not fixed. Maybe because its a warranty job it takes afew days to process but im not sure but im wondering how long is an acceptable time limit for a dealer to have a bike to fix a small problem while under warranty? Seriously im getting the shits with these useless ****s. Am I being irrational or do I have every right to be pissed off? ](*,)

    Anyhelp would be great, Thanks
  2. let me guess, its at Actions?
  3. When you asked the dealer "How long will it take / when can I have my bike back?" what did they say?
  4. they said it depends on how they have to fix it but shouldnt be more then a day and it wasn't actions, sydney city motorcycles @ kogarah. i'm tempted to tell them to go get ****ed, **** the warranty and i'll fix it myself
  5. They're probably combing the bike just to make sure. A friend sent his bike back (okay it was my hyo) for a new reg rec, off the road for 2 days because they checked the entire charging/electrical system just to make sure that was the only fault.

    And by the time I got it back, they hadn't even had the repairs signed off by hyo. 3 days is pushing it, 4 is a complete crock imo.
  6. ^thanks for the reply, ill give them till wednesday and see what happens although a phone call would of been nice. When I rang them on friday they said they have to look at it again on monday because they dont know where the oil is leaking from (bullshit)
  7. It also depends on what they found as well. The small oil leak that could of just been an easy gaskit replacement, might have turned into a little more.

    Not saying it has but lets say they got it apart and found the housing was warped or porous giving the impression of a leaky gaskit, and now they are waiting for parts ?

    If it is, its bad form not to call and let you know though.
    Also and it's not a good a scenario for any concerned, as much as warranty work has to be done.
    For some shops it's a low priority for the very fact that some manufacturers take months to reimburse for labour and parts, not so much for the bigger shops but the smaller independent ones it can be a real drain on finances and in some cases warranty work can kill a small workshop.
  8. ^ I understand and get your point about warranty jobs being a pain to get paid for but sydney city is not a small workshop, its meant to be one of the biggest dealers in the country. If I wanted to be ****ed around I would of taken it to the small local mechanic. As a customer that has been loyal to them, bought a brand new bike, all my gear, parts, services and paid everything in cash I would of hoped to be treated alittle better, you know what I mean?

    The oil is leaking between the cylinder and the fitting that connects to the oil breather box. From my research afew people on thumnpertalk have had this happen and its because the fitting becomes lose as its just sitting in there and its not pressurized or anything. Its definately not coming out of the hose as its bone dry and the fitting is bone dry except for around the cylinder.

    High res

    According to Eddie this is what has to be done. "remove the nipple. use a automatic center punch to add some dimples to the cylinder hole were it goes. put some red loctite on the nipple and reinstall it." engine and oil doesnt have to removed so i doupt it would take long, I even told them this but they just looked at me like i'm an idiot. I trust someone like Eddie who is the king when it comes to DRZ's over the dealer http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/member.php?u=5934

    Sorry im just frustrated as its my only mode of transport.
  9. For what it's worth, I had to chase up on it too - they said they'd call me when it was ready but I called in the next arvo, they said they fitted the new RR that morning and had a couple of things to go over. Told me I could pick it up first thing the next morning, and I did.

    Given the situation though, I'd be pretty pissed if they were hanging onto my bike and told me they had nfi where the leak was even after you showed em. I'd be on em every day til I got it back.
  10. I think we have to realise that in the 21st century motorcycles are no longer considered to be primary transport - instead they are hobby / sports equipment / luxury items. As such we no longer receive the type of service turnaround that cars do.

    If you are serious about using your bike as daily transport and want rapid turnaround on service/repairs you have no option but to become your own mechanic. Unfortunately, that means that if you wish to take advantage of the warranty provisions of the sale then you will most likely have to wait extended periods for repairs.
  11. Some of points.

    Anytime I've had a vehicle serviced by a dealer I've found they put the vehicle to one side if they think it is easy and do it in the afternoon. If it gets busy, and you haven't rang them, it gets bumped. So ring them twice a day. mid morning and mid afternoon.

    If a part needs to be ordered in, then it will take at least two days with the current supply chain arrangements for bike.

    The dealer will not stock any parts they need.

    It is unlikely the dealer will implement the dimple method of fixing it. Whilst it may work, it is not how it is intended to be installed, thus they are likely to order in a new part.
  12. better than TV's under warranty -- mine took over 3 months!

    I now ask about an expected turnaround time before I get anything repaired, even under warranty, because I'd rather pay for a job than have to wait excessively.
  13. Why do you think the small guy would **** you around and the big guy wont?
  14. I have to agree, a good small shop will generally work harder (do a better job / better service) to keep you as a customer than a big faceless company.
  15. I did take it to the small guy and he didnt sound to interested. He said I was better to take it to the dealer as they should be able to fix it alot quicker then he can. He told me he would have to send a claim to suzuki first before he can repair it and it would take afew weeks. Anyways if its not fixed by tomorrow arvo or close to being fixed eg waiting for a part im going to tell to get ****ed and pick it up.
  16. At least the small guy was honest.....