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Accelerator jam car hits 135mph

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. From the BBC news website:


    Click on the audio link and hear the wavering in this guys voice. He was terrified.

  2. drop it down a couple of gears?
    flick the ignition off?
    yank out a fuse maybe?


    poms arent the smartest eh :LOL: :LOL:
  3. .

    Turn the bloody thing off?

    At the least coppers coulda laid down spikeys for him. . . . . they slow you down pretty quick.... so i heard.. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. Well the article does say he tried unsuccesfully to stick it into neutral - which would have been the sensible option. Killing the ignition with the engine in drive would have had the dramatic effect of instantly locking the rear wheels (and potentially putting the tail shaft through the floor) but could have worked. Certainly better than holding the brakes on till they burned out though - what the hell kind of plan is that.
  5. Sorry? Why would killing the ignition lock the rear wheels on an automatic car again?

    Could you explain that one to us again jd?

    Seriously though, killing the ignition is the first thing anyone with a brain would do, no? Not even the police suggested this to him?
  6. not that i"ve flicked my ignition off at that kinda speed before but i woulda thought it would be no different to just releasing the throttle
  7. what and aussie are :rofl:
    excuse me while i p*ss my pommie pants.
  8. First response from an Aussie here was "Turn off the ignition".

    Something that didn't seem to occur to the driver, or a whole posse of police pursuit cars and a helicopter, and emergency service. Sounds like there was about 20 people involved, and not one of them suggested to turn the ignition off?
  9. that was my point :wink: :LOL:

    (i'm part pom :oops: :oops: )
  10. if you listen to the audio, they did consider that and there was concern that it would cause more problems. Can't work it out myself, but that's what they thought.
  11. and 135 mph is a bad thing why? :p the cops were even letting him drive that fast! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    on a serious note i beleive his 3rd and 4th big macs fell onto the accelerator while he was eating the 2nd and his gear lever was stuck because the coke he spilled on it fused the metals together. and he was too fat to reach down and move the big macs and he was too bsy eating to try and shift it into neutral or whatever it's called in auomatics. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Next time your driving at those speeds how about you turn the ignition off a see what happens. If the car had power steering he would be left with EXTREMELY heavy and therefore slow steering AND he would only have about 3-4 applications of the brakes before they became hard as concrete and virtually useless
  13. Yes, because the steering doesn't become lighter at speed. I seriously don't know how I drive around my non power-assisted steering car. I don't know how my wife does it either. Must be the fact that it isn't that hard at all would be why.

    As for foot-brakes? Well then, I guess that the manual cable-operated rear-wheel hand-brake must also have been removed from BMW's too then, eh?

    Even then, what would be wrong with using at least the limited engine braking (heck, even wind-braking) to simply roll to a stop?

    No, it's better to charge at full speed through a roundabout is it?
  14. Cathar, you're being a bit disingenuous here. A car that was never designed with power steering is meant to be driven without power steering. It may be heavier than a car with power steering, but of course it's driveable. Likewise a car with non-power-assisted brakes.

    A car that has both these functions assisted by power IS undriveable when the engine is turned off, and you know that. The fact that V8 Supercar drivers sometimes say that they have lost power steering bu still can drive them is a factor of the prodigious straight-line and corner speed the cars carry, not the fact that anyone can jump in an Astra and turn the engine off and keep driving it like normal.....
  15. I have driven a car with power steering when the power steering failed.

    Sure, it goes heavy. It does NOT result in an unsteerable unusable car.

    This guy was travelling at 135mph. He must've been travelling in pretty much a straight line anyway. It's not like shutting off the ignition, and guiding the car in the straight line that it was continuing in, would've been all that hard to do.
  16. If you turn a car off at any speed with the car in gear you will compression lock the rear (or front in FWD cars).
    So you may as well grab the handbrake at 135MPH.
    No thanks.

    Perhaps when he realised that the accellerator was stuck he could have reduced the speed of the car using foot brakes to a point where killing the ignition would have been moderately safe.

    One of my fathers friends cut the ignition to a car at around 55kmh, wrote the car off and sent them spinning out of control.
  17. The brakes burnt out.

    I'm with Cathar.

    It's the 'i'm rooted anyway' priniple. What's the point of having power steering if you have no throttle control. He's buggered either way. Me, personally, I'd prefer the risk of losing the PS given that I don't have to worry about my servo brakes (as I don't have any brakes left anyway).

    Regarding the transmission? It's a BMW, it would have been an automatic (assumption here) and turning the ignition off would have no dramatic effect (as far as I can see). Why would he get compression lockup? I've had a car die on my whilst driving and all it did was coast to a standstill. If it was an automatic, I'm sure the torque converter anyway (an R reg car in the UK is about 10yrs old, so no fancy electronic stuff yet).

    So, given that I'm buggered anway, I'd have just killed the ignition. The worst case is I die, but there's a fair to middling chance I'm a gonna anyway.

    Geez, those poms eh?
  18. Rubbish.

    I've had the ignition cut out at speed. The car just slowed and stopped.

    Ever run out of fuel?
  19. Ok so he was on the A1 freeway over there in Pommyland,
    which means LONG straight sections and only mild cornering to boot,

    Yes turning the ignition off would of lost him some ( not all steering abilitys )
    and at least 3 good applications of the brakes b4 they became heavy to use but still useable.

    Instead of running @135MPH for the lenght of time he did, I would have turned my lights and hazards on, and the ign off at the 1st long straight section, applied the brakes and held the steering as best as possable and bought the car to a controled stop, even if in the middle of the road! stopping in the middle of the road would seem a whole lot better than going over a roundabout @135mph !
  20. I can't believe some of the ignorance show in this thread.

    Switch off the ignition, apply the brakes, stop the car.

    the car will remain steerable, the brakes will still work, the engine won't magically sieze.