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Acceleration problem after not riding for a while... Help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by philski, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    It's been a while since i've been for a ride. I hadn't ridden the bike for about 3-4 months (long story) then tried to fire it up and obviously the battery was dead - so i jump started it. Took a while to ease to idle then everything seemed fine - until i tried to take off. As soon as i went to accelerate away, i would rev it up, release the clutch, then the revs would drop right down (once the gear was engaged) and the bike would put along at about 10km/h!! With the throttle open all the way of course... Not exactly my idea of a thrill. After about 100-200m down the road it would then kick in all of a sudden and i was away. It did this each time i tried to start from a stop.

    I'm thinking that because it has been sitting around for a while oil or something has clogged the carby - Any ideas if i'm on the money here?

    Does anyone know a solution to this problem??? Any help appreciated greatly!!!


  2. I hope you were in first gear :p

    Was there any smoke? did it go okay once you got going? did it sound normal? Fuel Smell? any more info?

    Maybe it was fuelling up (flooding a bit) and therefore labouring a little, if thats the case pull in the clutch and give it a couple of handfuls and check for (black) smoke, if thats the case the carbies are just fulla crap probably, need them cleaned etc... Maybe some other expert might be able to diagnose it properly...
  3. Well the fuel's going to be stale or full of water which won't be helping. If you haven't already drain the tank and fill it with some fresh stuff and see if that helps.
    Edit: Oh and if there's a drain on the airbox check that too.
  4. Do what jd said, also take off the carbies, drain the float bowls and give the bowls and jet/passages a good blasting with carby cleaner and compressed air.
  5. You may have a bit of gum in the carbies, from sitting around.

    As suggested, clean fuel in and ride around for a bit, it might work itself out.

    If not then you need to clean the float side of the carbies.

    It could also be a bit of crap under one of the float needles. having no bottom end and comming good at the top suggests this. The carbie clean will solve this too.

    Fresh fuel and ride around first however.
  6. If the reason for the lay off was from a prang, then some vacuum hoses may have cracked or fallen off. This means that the carby sliders wont open up under load. Happened to me... exactly as you described.

    Not sure whether spada carby's are similarly set up.

    I'd go with fuel and gunk first though.


  7. Thanks for the quick responses!

    haha yeah it was in first gear! There was a small amount of black smoke the first time i started it. this then disappeared and there was no smoke after that. Nothing else out of the ordinary just no power @ the bottom end (felt like it was about to stall).

    I will try the draining the fuel and cleaning out any gunk and let you know how i go.


  8. I had the same thing after some dodgy fuel from a Shell station.

    Never again...
  9. Just to put a spanner in the works, a flat battery could give you those probs (maybe).

    At low revs the bike can barely make enough charge to keep itself running while trying to charge the battery, a few revs with more voltage and it's away.

    Though I think I'd agree on carby trrouble, fault diagnosis reaslly suks ass big time.

    Good luck, you'll probably need it : (