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Accelerating around an idiot cager - anyone else do it?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by boingk, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. I actually do this quite frequently, but this was the latest installment. It irritates the hell out of me, but I guess thats some road users for you.


    Riding along a long dual-lane road on the way to a mates place I come up against a car doing 40ish in a 60 zone, weaving a bit about in their lane as they did so. I figured they might be lost or otherwise momentarily distracted... but they kept at it.

    Leaving a roundabout, I had a quick look around for police and then smartly overtook them on the lefthand side (street was deserted). In my rearview I saw them continue along very slowly and with a bit of a weave. They looked to be either talking or fiddling with the console.

    Needless to say, I'd rather not do that sort of thing and it always irks me when I encounter somone who warrants it.


    My rationale for this sort of thing is that if I believe the person ahead of me is driving in a manner unsafe then I will pass them at the soonest safe opportunity. I do not think I am obligated to proceed behind a road user who is driving in unpredictably or otherwise in a manner unsafe.

    Anyone else do something like this?

    Cheers - boingk
  2. Dunno about passing them on the left side, but if a car in front of me looks like they don't know wtf they're doing, I'm not hanging around to find out for sure...
  3. Yep. Though not habitually, takes someone that bad and they're not ~that common~.
  4. Should probably clarify - a large concrete traffic island stopped me from overtaking properly on the right hand side.

    guggle - My sentiments exactly.

    Suriag - You sure mate? :D

    - boingk
  5. Nope, not usually, I figure that kind of driver is the best bet for a rear ender at the next set of lights so I like to keep them in front.

    If I know I can put enough between them and my self, then sure.
  6. I've seen like three ever, and only one was in front of me! So yes.

    Possibly because the mountains means less cars in general :p
  7. Yes, but with a fairly sharp weather eye open for any signs they're about to sidewswipe me.
  8. I would but my R1 is low on power -- I have to buy a Honda instead :)
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  9. Haven't neded to as yet, around on the right side for sure... but I'm kind of in the same mind as MrBling...prefer to stay behind so they don't rear end you... eg, had a prime example of this on my commute this morning, but if it was in a quiet street and there were no lights up ahead then MAYBE, but I'm much more chilled out on the bike so maybe yes, maybe no..hahahahaha was that helpful, me sitting on the fence like that? :D
  10. yeah ill always scoot around a driver who appears to be unsure or off chops. i dont want to be witness or a part of what may happen. although i dont overtake on the left hand side just incase they swerve and bump me into a pole.
    i just make sure when i get around them i make a bit of distance between myself and them...eg a few cars distance.
  11. All the time! Usually accompanied by a down shift or two, and a massive clutch slip for extra drama.
  12. Hahaha hell yeah panza83, kick some major ass my man. Yeah, mine was in second gear and got a good demon-horde stampede exhaust note kicking out behind me :demon:

    Definitely hearing the part about getting rear ended, but the point is to get ahead of the no-hoper, not sit in front of them. Not to mention that until at least one car is behind you at the lights you should be watching your rear for that very reason.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. THIS

    I do it all the time, people who can't do the speed limit shit me, especially when there are no factors (rain, low vis etc.) to make them go slower. Always fun overtaking them on 1 wheel to prove a point.
  14. Why is this a conversation piece?
    You blow past them cautiously, prepared for that 'unexpected' last minute manoeuvre these drivers tend to make.