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ACA 24th Oct

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The Rocketeer, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. hi everyone, not one to post in the big section.

    During my 2nd trackday at EC, we had an unexpected visitor:
    Tracy Grimshaw was there to do a hotlap, being pillioned by Wayne Gardiner.
    The segment will air tomorrow night.

    FYI, we timed the lap. The bike Wayne was on was a GSXR 600 (california superbike one), and having an extra person on board, we timed him+her at 1:47. Put that into perspective, the top riders ther were doing around 1:43 mark... not bad if i say so myself!

    btw, trackdays rule, bahahah! :LOL:
  2. He always was a quickie, our Wayne! I wonder how Tracey got OFF the bike? Must catch the segment!~
  3. is that on today tonight??
  4. Read the thread heading.
  5. Should have made it more clearer, but eh...
    Six thirty on channel nine!!

    Wondering if the lovely people in Victoria would be shown the segment?
  6. come on!!!! ACA, im normally stuck with the kids watching neighbors.... but tomorrow dads putting his foot down.
  7. hehe. it thinks it's news. ](*,)

    But still, will watch it.

    $10 says it either before, after, or during a hoon story.

  8. Just heard a promo for ACA and it's on tonight for those interested.
  9. Saw the ad also, it looks like she had a heart attack.

    Hopefully it will promote motorcycle riding.
  10. :-( I'm at work...looks like I miss out.

    phong =P~
  11. Woo hoo .. a positive story about bikes on the TV in prime time, and the H word not mentioned once!!

    Was a good segment
  12. Glad I've tv at work, the segment was good, it sounded like she had a big O. It was painful watching all the stories leading up to it, who watches all that crap?
  13. I envy her. Just got her Ls, never ridden on the road and they gave her a gsxr-600 to ride around Eastern Creek.
    LOL @ the hotlap with Gardner. :LOL:
  14. I think Tracey Grimshaw is going for a ride on the back of Wayne Gardener on ACA within the next 15 mins.. :shock:
  15. Ha, what a hoot, she was almost incoherent when she came back in.

    But full marks for going out on a 600 on a racetrack, on camera, with only a couple of weeks worth of L Plates under her belt!!
  16. Yeah Hornet she was shaking.... unusual for a current affairs program to promote such a positive attitude to bikes and riders??
  17. I was actually impressed by the segment. Very positive.
  18. :woot:, go Tracey, what a blast just watching her, I might now look into a track day, it was a great segment, as people have said, very positive for once.

    Cheers Lou
  19. +1, was good to see a good bike story though
  20. I only got to see a little bit on the screen at the pub (was working) with no sound and it looked really good. If anyone has a copy i could get a hold of I would love to see the whole article.