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abt delivery

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by benjamin78au, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. has any one heard of abt delivery? they have a branch in WA but , dont pick up the phone it goes to voicemail, and the bike is now nearly 3 weeks late since promise of delivery.

  2. id be concerned mate, absolutley nothing comes up on google about them

    and the only registered business with abt is

    93 657 403 155 ABT 4214 QLD
    14 776 270 338 ABT 3168 VIC
    89 039 954 376 ABT 3174 VIC
    28 084 710 949 Cancelled ABT CORPORATION PTY LTD 2000 NSW
    14 117 101 890 ABT CORPORATION PTY LTD 2766 NSW
    19 122 022 646 ABT Company Pty Ltd 3053 VIC
    80 072 216 463 ABT PTY LIMITED 2025 NSW
    58 427 920 396 abt 2164 NSW
  3. any news yet mate?
  4. got a phone number? what is it?
  5. http://www.abt-delivery.eu/Contact.html

    (08) 9467 7938

    A quick search , shows up as this isnt connected to a WA exchange, so i am thinking it is public sip number and it goes to voice mail. I have emailed them directly and got this responce back on the 5th
    " We are sorry for delay, we have some problems with our truck ... we will keep you in touch ! Have a nice day "

    Have mentioned it to the police, and they have got us try fair trade or a letter to the manager of the company, with details on what efforts we have made. We have tried but getting NO RESPONSE.

    Friends who bike it has even called the freight companys in WA, and they said off the record, it sounds as if the job is contracted out, and may not have a full load, or an issue with driver.

    And of course we cant reach the seller. So , starting to get a bad feeling in gut about it all. Even thinking about getting mates to go to an office over there but unable to find anything about the company or an address, other then possible branch of an internetional company.
  6. 08 numbers are used for WA, SA, and NT. The number you have would only be for a third party agent, I am guessing, as the business seems to be a european based freight company.

    If you had of used, say a major aus transport company , i.e. TNT, Toll, you probably would have got a reasonable price for shipping, as not much freight comes out of WA, and they are always looking for business to fill and pay the way for the trucks to come back east.

    Have you tried to email the company with the tracking number, or tracked it on there site....


    As a follow up, do a google search on ABT delivery, if it's anything like this one that it found http://forum.aa419.org/viewtopic.php?t=35032, then it is an "Escrow and Logistics Scams and Fake Vehicle Shops"
    Also cannot find any info using domain name search for www.abt-delivery.eu

    Sorry bud, not looking good, hopefully it will turn out alright for you though....
  7. This rings a bell and they are alarm bells. I have searched but can't find it, but I am sure I read about this mob being a scam.

    No I am not taking the piss either.
  8. emailed them every 2nd day . and have got back 3 replys, in 3 weeks

    first week we recieved 1 mentioning truck on way . 2nd saying the truck had issues, 3rd saying dont worry you will recieve bike shortly.

    Tempting to put, this thread in email to them to put a bit more fire up them . Thoughts?
  9. If it is a scam, which unfortunately, I think it is, they won't care how many emails you send, nor what you attach to them. But for your sake, hope I'm wrong.

    You might feel good that they tell you the bike is on the way, but they have the money and bike.

    Did the sender actually get paid for the bike....
  10. email them again and ask for a phone number where u can actually speak to someone and not a answering machine and say that u will get the police and courts involved if u dont, threaten them that way
  11. Ok, some more details for you mate.

    You've been ****ed over for a start. Company IS fake, your money is probably gone, and there was no bike to begin with.

    As for who scammed you,

    From http://www.eurid.eu - the euro equivalent of our whois

    Name abt-delivery
    Registered October 7, 2009
    Email lucronfabien66@hotmail.com

    Now that's not too much to go on, but if you decide to pursue it you will need whatever you can get.

    The registrar for the domain name is as follows.

    Name Departement Noms de Domaine
    Organisation AMEN
    Language French
    Address 12-14, rond-point des Champs-Elysees
    Fax +33.144757218
    Email eurid@amen.fr

    Here is some more relevant info for that network from http://forum.aa419.org/viewtopic.php?t=39323&sid=d70c0f14f249afb0c0a90477569667ba

    ABT Delivery
    email: abt-del@consultant.com
    Phone Number: +44-7563-373-422

    more fraud from
    IP Location: France Paris Amen France Network
    Resolve Host: prowin06.amenworld.com

    see http://forum.aa419.org/viewtopic.php?t=35032

    and here http://db.aa419.org/fakebanksview.php?key=42749

    All of this info is made availiable by people who hate these thieving bastards as much as we do.

    Not sure it will help, but best of luck. I'll give it a few more hours and see what I can turn up.
  12. Also the email address @consultant.com is a free pop hosted by mail.com
  13. rephrasing, in my opinion, Amen is a hoster who supports criminal activity

    person: Blaise Thauvin
    contact: James Cole
    address: AMEN SAS
    address: 12 rd point des Champs Elysées
    address: 75008 Paris, France
    phone: +33 892 55 66 77
    fax-no: +33 1 40 87 76 89
    e-mail: abuse@amen.fr

    yep u are screwed, even though they wont do nothing, go straight to the police and report it
  14. also could u show us the emails via u and seller when u purchased the bike as we will be able to tell if its a fraud straight away, theres been a few
  15.  Top
  16. will ask the girl , about it, as i am sure she will accept what ever help she can get . Will just check with her first re releasing emails.

    Thanks again guys
  17. good digging VTR
  18. Lucron Fabien


    33 r Rousselle
    92800 PUTEAUX
    Ph 01 79 30 91 49
  19. Surely someone would not be dumb enough to use their own name if they are doing shit like this though right? I mean, it's probably useless garbage.