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Absolutely hopeless service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Hi all. biatch time.

    My battery died last Monday.

    Tues I rang MOTO in Oakleigh. Yes they have one. Canthey send it down by rail I ask? No, they use a courier. Aus Express. OK. How much All up a bit over $160. I pay up, all done. The salesman makes sure of my actual address as the battery cannot go to a PO. No worries so far.

    I wait all day Wed. Nothing.

    Thu 9 am I ring and ask where is it? Oh shit, forgot to send it. Grrrr Will dispatch straight away.

    Fri. I wait till 1pm and ring again. Courier has it.

    Ring courier. Moto gave them the PO address. I ask why didn't they either ring me or Moto. Lady says she doesnt know as she is in Melb and the dispathcer is in Morwell.
    Now the courier is busy in commercial area and cannot leave there until finished. He should be here before 3. I tell them if it is not here by 4, they can send it back and I will get my money ack from Moto.

    Has anyone else had this sort of problem, or am I just lucky?

    What a shambles. arrrrrrghhhh

    What do I do? Take valium, aspirin, alcohol, or a big stick?

    What shit service from both companies.
  2. How are they supplying the acid?. From personal experiance shipping batteries and acid is a pain and no one wants to do it. Ring the store and ask is acid inclued with the battery.

    I wouldn't be supprised if all you get is a dry battery.
  3. Brian, if you start an "I hate couriers" thread, I GUARANTEE it will run longer than the "grab for grandeur" thread. They are a law unto themselves. They don't care a damn about the receiver, because he has to wait, and can't cancel the transaction once a con-note is generated, and they don't give a damn about the despatcher, because once they've got the goods in the truck they're going to get paid anyway. Would have been cheaper and less grief to get someone who was going to Melb to pick it up for you........
  4. Pete

    Yep, quite right. Coming down dry. Hence the need for it to be delivered within business hours to give me time to get it filled. Them I can charge it o'night.

    I wanted to use the bike on Sun for the ride but it looks like I will be here watching footy on telly instead.

    [edit] Yep Hornet.

    If I had know all this would happen, I could have driven down there and picked it up charged say yesterday.
  5. The acid should be packed in tubey type things in the box with the battery being dry. My last two bike batteries have come like that. They came via courier but I bet Aussie post would not be chuffed by the acid.

    (**My two cents only**)
    Crap service is everywhere these days. Mc D's, Target you name it the only place where you get good service is a brothel at least they aim to please. (Joke alert) :p But it's true hands up everyone who has been treated like crap for actually expecting quality service. I bet almost everyone raises their hand. But on the other hand people whinge about everything these days so maybe it's just a defence against the wingers??? Who knows and I'm starting to get sleepy... Bye for now.
  6. 2.02pm

    Battery arrives. fcukING WRONG ONE.

    Am trying to ring the useless mongrels. phone is busy. ringing now.

    Can only supply gel battery and they are loaded o cannot dispatch. @$@%^#%^##%#%##%$@#%$@%$@%2

    He is going to ring me back to see what he can do

  7. I am assuming you're talking about Moto One. If so I'd go straight to the top and talk to Tony Barton. He generally takes care of business.

    When it comes to batteries, I go to my autoelectrician. He has an interest in motorbikes and can order, Yuasa, in my case without hassle.

  8. I've spent 15 years in the IT industry trying to give my clients good service and all I've ever had is soul-less spread-sheet peddlers whingeing about sales targets!!! You can't win, mate!
  9. Brian, would have been quicker to buy another bike!!!!!
  10. Funny thing is Kmart doesnt argue with crook things.

    This bloke says his screen says right battery. Mine is 6"wide, 3"deep. New battery is 6" deep. So simply cannot go in.

    I am driving down there now. Will post what happens.

    Question. Do I use a waterproof or grease based lubricant to insert battery into Moto?
    Should it go in lengthways, sideways or on an angle?

    Do I use no lubricant?
  11. hehehe this is getting better and better, ahhh it's so refreshing to hear about someone else getting completly stuffed around, rather than living it myself :p
  12. Aint that the truth, You cut a guys girlfriend out of his wrecked Dunny Door which looks like it's trying to mate with a tree and all he says is "Look what you've done to my car". Tossers the lot of em. Had a Caravan roll over yesterday, the oldies were really nice people and it was a pleasure to help them out (no injuries, thank god).

    Some people are nice some people arn't. Choose wisely.
  13. Beemers being 'ODD' just like some of their riders, have a prob with batteries.
    Last time I tried to get a Usua to fit. If it was strong enough, it was too deep. If it fitted it was too low in AMHs. Thats why giong back to correct battery.
  14. Now one for our computer geeks.

    Yesterda, the reason I didnt go to Meld for the battery was that I wasat a Quickbooks roadshow.

    I bought an upgrade for my quicken. I asked for clarifiaction that the 2005 ver would go over the ver 6 I was still using. Oh Yes.

    try it today. Pigs bum. It askes for a file that does not exist.

    Ring quicken. They say I am missing a file and get it for me.

    Why the hell does nothing work.

    I am going to buy a mazda. Their ad says everything works.

    Bah Humbug.

    Am leaving for Meb now see yas.
  15. Uh oh. You may need help from a Quickbooks trainer.
  16. I think he knows how to use the programme, it's just another example of poverty-stricken behaviour from people who are happy to take your money, but don't want to give you anything for it; Quicken are famous for this sort of "service".
  17. Brian, brian, brian....

    Can somebody lend this poor guy a batterys so that he can get his bike going...he needs a ride, REAL bad!!

    I just can't believe I read all that...amazing...
  18. I have one of those days all too often with suppliers, and they are all cutting costs because they never tell what's going on until you find out the worst.
  19. Yes, Quicken somewhat seems to be geared towards extra services or the advantage program.
    My trainer has helped alot, but you do have to pay for that service.
  20. i've found that customer service in general across all professions has gone to sh%t these days :?

    don't even get me started on real estate agents :|