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Absolute Boredom,,,what do you do?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kardia, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. What a day!!!! It's raining, it's cold, and nothing on.....

    What do you guys do on a day like this?
    Been on the net all day getting a little p1ssed off to say the least. Watched every youtube vid ever made I think....

  2. go for a ride, silly question :grin:
  3. Go have a beer.

    I think I'm about to. :grin:
  4. I went to the airshow...friggen awesome way to spend the day :D...saw plenty of riders cutting through the queuing line which made traffic a bit easier.

    Go for a ride, only because it's raining, doesn't mean you can't ride ;)...

    phong =P~
  5. tetris
  6. I entertain myself.
  7. OnLine gaming is perfect for rainy days.
  8. mass debate :roll:
  9. Work on a race bike.

    If you dont have one already you should probably go get one. :cool:
  10. Listen to Parliament; it will bore you so much you'll sleep, and then you won't notice that you're bored.
  11. . . . . stalk MVRog on Facebook !

    OMG I forgot!!!!!!!
    OMG OMG OMG....

    I had a ticket too....

    Cant say it here can i???

    How stupid........
  13. ...you had a ticket to the air show and you forgot? :shock:.

    Loved the insurgence act with fake bombs (pyrotechnics) that lit the grass on fire hahaha. Awesome "BOOM"...

    phong =P~
  14. Log onto NR and reply to threads like this
  15. It was in my car!!!! Had it for 3 weeks. I KNEW there was something on 1 of these weekends,,,you know I think I got mixed up with the track day today that I didn't go to...
  16. HAHAHA, poor you.

    phong =P~
  17. Went riding dirtbikes all day on a 1000ha farm. Watched about 5 lil calves being born. Everytime we turned around they were dropping a baby, jesus. Kept us busy.
  18. whack it, then whack it again :LOL: