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ABS saved my skin

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by SV650_fan, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. This actually happened a while ago, but I have not forgotten it.

    I was heading home on my daily commute, and unusually had a clear run at my then favorite corner, the 270 degree uphill connection between the Westgate and Citylink freeways heading to the Tullarmarine airport. I had recently been to a cornering course - I was enjoying myself, banking over at around 90 km/hr. But I got cocky, didn't see the slippery patch, and started to go sideways. I panicked, hit the brakes - and the ABS kicked in, saving me from the concrete barrier that was oh so close. I was able to ride around the corner, having learnt my lesson to avoid wet patches on dry corners.

    Anyway, I was recently at my local Suzuki dealer having my bike serviced, and talking about ABS braking to the salesman. He told me that he found it very hard to convince his customers buying new bikes to spend that little extra on the ABS. But sometimes he succeeded - and they always came in afterward with their own ABS story to thank him.

    Personally, I thought ABS was a no-brainer when I bought my bike. Much more potential to save lives than ABS than on a car, but unfortunately so much rarer.

    So guys and girls - we all spend lots of money on our bikes - why do we appear to collectively mostly draw the line at ABS? Or is everybody else simply a better rider than me? Unfortunately I would suggest that motorcycle crash statistics put a lie to this better rider theory...
  2. Hmpph. Brakes are for sissies, ABS is for sissies in tutus.

    Man braking is a skill you need to learn. When I say man braking, I mean dropping anchor with your boots and gripping asphalt till the bike comes to a shuddering stop.

    My disks have rust on them for lack of use.

    My calve muscles are huge.

    That is all.
  3. I stop using my huge man-chest as a wind brake, also good at scaring girl scouts so they drop their cookies.
  4. I think it's the sound of your man boobs flapping against your side that scares them.
  5. My next bike will have ABS.
  6. I reckon it should be mandated on all new bikes..
  7. Good story.

    I'm with you, if ABS is an option then I'm getting it. There is always going to be crappy conditions that might see me locking a wheel, and the ABS is going to react faster than I can.
  8. I have had multiple bikes with ABS and it's saved my bacon twice, I reckon that's more than worth the cost.
  9. While this is another valid school of thought for efficient braking, I wonder what happens if you have a strong tailwind?

    You also might want to brush up on your man-braking.

  10. so you went for the brakes once the bike was already sliding sideways while cranked over mid corner and abs saved you :-s
  11. I was gonna make a similar comment... if there was a front wheel total traction loss, the bike would have been over on it's side in a blink of an eye.

    SV, did you go for the brake while leaned over or after you straightened out? ABS is brilliant in a straight line. While it's cranked over though, it might have saved your bacon because you panick braked which is an SR issue.

    There's a youtube clip about the place showing ABS ebrake vs non ABS ebrake on wet asphalt. ABS wins hands down. In the dry a good rider beats ABS by a small margin though. Interesting.
  12. I've owned an ABS equipped Suzuki Bandit, an ABS equipped BMW and currently own an ABS equipped Moto Guzzi.

    I have been able to outbrake the ABS in the dry on all three bikes but I can't get close to the performance of the ABS if the road is either wet and/or slippery.

    If people are dry weather only riders then ABS may never help them but I'd strongly recommend it for riders who ride in all types of weather.
  13. yep the way i read it, abs saved him from his own stupidity ](*,)

    oh and i sorta disagree about the blink of an eye, for me i normally have enough time for the brain to register that this is going to hurt and start calculating the $$$$ :rofl: :cheeky:
  14. Stupidity is such a harsh word... lol.

    For the record, I hate pushing it even 2/10ths in the wet. My brain just can't get past the doing everything right but still having a spill when diesel and water got me.
  15. When buying a road bike, if the model I want is available with ABS, I'll have it.

    A good rider might be able to beat ABS in the dry in controlled conditions. They might even beat it in the wet, once, in controlled conditions. But ask yourself whether, when it's 5.30pm, dark, pissing down after a long dry spell, you're cold and wet and tired from work and someone unexpectedly does something stupid when you're on the grease smeared approach to a set of lights, you could beat the ABS. Every time.

    That's when it counts.
  16. Actually yeah wait...

    Did you seriously hit the rear brake mid corner? If the answer is yes, then you need to go out and buy Twist of the Wrist volume I. Right now.
  17. Yeah, the OP did say he "got cocky" and "panicked" - I think he is well aware he made a mistake and like most of us needs to keep learning.

    The ABS however probably saved his bacon. What its there for imho, for when the human ones of us actually make a mistake. Not that its to be relied upon, or that you purposely ride in a way that its needed, or that you fail to develop appropriate skills to avoid it being necessary.

    I have ABS on my cars but I cant remember when I last felt it kick in. I'm glad its there though, and if I did feel it being used then I'd take it as a sign I'm doing something wrong and need to pull my head in.
  18. My old boy loves his ABS. If he could detatch it easily he says he would take it to bed every night.
    I just told him off as that shows not only is he a sick old prick, but that he is braking too late and having to work the brakes too hard instead of being nice and smooth... but he knows better he has been riding for years... years ago :p.
  19. Yes, I screwed up. I should have seen the wet patch on the otherwise very dry road, and when the tail of my bike slid out as I was leaned over, I should not have hit the brakes. And I was probably riding too fast. So, I am not Wayne Gardiner, and there are no doubt many people on this forum who can ride much better than me (atlhough I note this is the one and only dangerous moment in two and a half years of daily commuting in all weather through downtown Melbourne and its freeways - maybe I am not a complete idiot on the bike).

    And, in the dry, my ABS does kick in too early for my preference, which is a big difference to my last few cars where I have never felt ABS kick in, at all.

    But, my point remains. ABS kept me out of hospital, ABS appears to have kept many other people out of hospitals, and plenty of other riders are ending up in hospitals, or worse. So why, as a community, do the majority of riders reject to reject ABS?
  20. mate at the end of the day you are here, bike is in 1 piece so thats all that matters!

    I think some riders reject ABS because part of the pleasure of riding a bike is that you have to be exact with your inputs, whether it be shifting gears, tipping into corners, getting on the gas etc...I know I get a kick out of doing things right... or my version of it anyway LOL