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NSW ABS removed for Blue Slip

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by keychange, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Hi - been reading for ages but only now need help with a question - I did search first :)

    Looking at buying a QLD rego expired bike that has had the ABS removed. Does anyone know if removing the ABS will effect chances of passing the blue slip inspection. From what I can see everything else is stock.


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  2. Ask a workshop who does blue slips and you will find the answer !
  3. If it was complianced with ABS there's a good chance it won't pass without it, BUT you'll need to talk to the inspector like Nick said to be certain.
  4. It is not an ADR requirement and will not affect inspection. The AUVIS doing the inspection don't even ride it, so in any case they wouldn't know unless you tell them.
    It is an identity check and general visual inspection with a grab of the brakes etc.
  5. I live a bit out of the way so blue slip inspectors are rare on the ground - if I ring the guy and ask him then turn up a week later I think he will remember.

    On another issue the seat is ripped - I know that is a fail for cars so assume same applies for bikes?
  6. That I don't know. Seat vinyl can be bought on eBay in a variety of cuts and colours if you do need to change it.