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ABS on CBR500RA.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HotelWhisky, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    As some people may recall when i was buying my bike I deliberated over whether to get ABS or not, I did. I have now had the bike about 3 and a half weeks and she has passed the 1000km mark. Now I have some more hours on the bike I just tried a little emergency braking on the way home (in a carpark with no one around) and found a very distinct judder through the rear brake but not the front. I can feel the rear brake lever jumping up and down under my boot.

    I just wanted to double check that's normal. I am assuming that's the ABS kicking in, but I'm not getting it through the front brake (either through the handle or just feeling the shudder through the bars) but I wanted to check as I am still new to motorcycling.


  2. Yup sounds like the ABS to me. Back wheel comes up with hard breaking meaning it is the most likely to lock up, thus ABS kick in first.
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  3. Yep, I agree with Conorkc when braking hard the weight transfers to the front so the rear has less grip so the ABS starts modulating pressure on that wheel.
  4. I've got the naked version of your bike. What you're feeling underfoot is normal. It almost feels like you've pushed the pedal down far enough to be scraping the tarmac.

    If you're not getting a sensation in your right hand, then the ABS for the front brake hasn't kicked in. The brakes aren't linked on these bikes. You'll need to squeeze harder if you want the ABS to kick in on the front.
  5. P.s how you enjoying the ride so far!
  6. That's exactly what spooked me the first time I did it.

    Thanks guys, the explanation about the back wheel lifting and being more likely to lock up makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the info.

    And chillibutton I am absolutely loving it. Managed to get 70 km on her today after not riding over the weekend as I was working. Love the bike and love riding!

  7. Hahaha all this time I've been thinking im scraping the ground - and looking for damage on my bike. Lol what a cock i am - cheers for the heads up....
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