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ABS figures show 57% increase in M/C rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. ABS News Release 84/2009

    Australia's love of motorcycles continues to grow: ABS
    Motorcycle popularity in Australia continued to grow at a faster rate than any other vehicle type in the twelve months to March 2009, with registrations up by 10.0%. Motorcycle (including scooter) registrations have increased by 57.5% over the five years to 2009, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

    This popularity saw motorcycles earn a 4.0% fleet share of all vehicles registered in Australia, rising from 2.9% in 2004. This compares with passenger vehicles, which have dropped from a 78.5% fleet share in 2004 to 76.7% in 2009.

    Increases in motorcycle registrations over this five year period have been observed in all states and territories, with Western Australia recording the largest percentage increase (75.9%), followed by the Northern Territory (70.2%).

    The smallest percentage increase was in Victoria where registrations of motorcycles at 31 March 2009 were 44.1% above those recorded 5 years earlier.

    Data from the annual Motor Vehicle Census shows that 15.7 million vehicles were registered in Australia in 2009. This equated to 72 vehicles for every 100 Australian residents. In the 12 months to March 2009 the total number of vehicle registrations grew by 2.5%.

    Over the past 12 months, total diesel registered vehicles in Australia rose by 9.8%. This continues a five year trend, with the total number of vehicles registered with diesel fuel increasing by 53.1% since 2004. Over the same period, diesel registered passenger vehicles increased by 80.0%, and light commercial vehicles registered with diesel fuel have increased 60.3%.

    The average age of vehicles remained at 9.9 years in 2009, after falling from a high of 10.7 years in 1998. Tasmania had the oldest vehicles, at 11.9 years on average, while the Northern Territory had the youngest at 8.8 years.

    Further details are in Motor Vehicle Census (cat. no. 9309.0), available free from the ABS website www.abs.gov.au
  2. 4.0% of fleet share huh? That will upset many of the crash statistics we get thrown at us in Victoria, which are based on 3% or less.
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  4. Tony, Slight side issue but the next census is due in 2011. If my rapidly deteriorating memory serves me correctly, in the last census the question how did you get to work made no provision for motor bikes (should that now be PTW's).

    ABS should be thinking about there census questions about now. Is anyone starting to pressure them to ensure that they get counted properly this time.

    If we have some proper stats, it may help to give us more legitimacy as a road user lobby group.
  5. You may be thinking of the Survey on Motor Vehicle Use (SMVU), rather than the MVC GreyBM. The MVC is now done every year in March and records exact figures on registration numbers. One of the figures from my report in an earlier thread shows numbers of regos by state for bikes vs other motor vehicles for 1988-2008. I'll update it to 2009 when I get around to it.
  6. No, I reckon GreyBM is talking about the Census which excluded bikes from the relevant transport questions. It received a fair bit of cover in Netrider. Maybe someone who's a search guru can dredge it up.
  7. Martin is correct. I wrote to them after the last census and got the following answer.

    (She's no relation by the way)

    During all Census collections prior to 2001 the question on registered
    Motor Vehicles stipulated that Motor Cycles/ Scooters and Tractors**, were to be excluded.

    In 2001 the question was extended to include details on Motor Cycles and
    Scooters. Unfortunately this extension confused the data collected for
    Motor Vehicles and cast doubt on its validity.

    During the testing process between 2001 and 2006 Census's, various
    methodologies for the accurate collection of both vehicle types was tested,
    but none proved satisfactory.

    Further attempts will be made to improve the accuracy of this data and you
    can be assured that the exclusion of "two Wheeled" vehicles is as a result
    of data quality issues and not any slight against this method of

    Margaret Ellis
    Australian Bureau of Statistics

    My response was that I would have expected that NO data was also a data quality issue... I never got an answer to that one.

    ** I wonder why they put Harleys in their own category? :)
  8. Ah, I see. Thanks TonyE. That would explain why the format of the MVC reports changed slightly during that time.
  9. What? Not the famous Maggie Ellis???
  10. No - the (in)famous one's my daughter - who's been riding the LS for the past two weeks and who managed to fall over in the car park yesterday (when she was stopped) and break an indicator! :censored:
  11. Yep was talking about the Census. Once every 4 (5?) years.

    The obvious question is have they done anything about their data confusion issues. They have now had nearly ten years to get it right?