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ABS (Ale Brewing Stories)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rat man407, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. my "mates" got a small still set up in his shed and we where drinking on the weekend best stuff i ever tried. so now i want to set one up but can't find any step by step designs for them anyone know of any?

    the reason i can't copy my mate's is because he got his from a shop.

    also does anyone on her make there own stills or shine ?

  2. Given that distilling your own booze is illegal unless you jump through a myriad of hoops, discussing it in the first person on a public forum which has at least one sworn police officer as a member is probably not the wisest course of action.

    AFAIK the illegality is more to do with the fact that it's a tax dodge than with the potential danger of blinding yourself and others if you don't know what you're doing.
  3. +1 to this. If you're not careful - home distilled booze can cause some serious damage inc. blinding.

    On an another note - that's where the term Blind Drunk comes from - not that anyone didn't know this already.
  4. As PatB said...


    You can own a still that is less than 5L, but can't use it to manufacture hard liquor unless you have an excise manufacturer licence. Also for every litre of alcohol, there is an excess fee of $71.

    This is for both tax purposes as well as safety if you don't know what you're doing.

    Start with home brew beer...no taxes, less dangers and can make it at large quantities!
  5. Zeke "Runnin' Shine"

  6. I suppose you could try freeze distillation. It's still illegal but the risks are lower and the equipment required is, basically, a freezer. In my experience, though, the results are likely to be rather unpalatable.

    I'm not going to tell you how to do it, but think about the relative freezing points of alcohol and water and what is likely to happen if you partly freeze eg cider and then remove the solid bits.
  7. Have a listen to all the captain safeties and the illegal police, sheeesh, there is heaps of stuff online about home still construction. The main thing is getting a reasonable condenser setup to capture the alcohol as it is evaporating and collecting into your vessel.
  8. I don't recall saying don't do it. My position is more that it's not clever to discuss specifics of an illegal act in public and that the OP should be aware of the very real possibility of producing dangerous quantities of methanol in their product and take steps to eliminate the risk. If they don't know and can't find out how to do that reliably, maybe they shouldn't be messing with it.

    Much like doing illegal and potentially risky things on a motorcycle really.
  9. My home brew shop (google Country Brewer) sells distilling kits. So maybe not illegal in NSW?

    Edit: I guess it's for distilled water (reading the ATO page). Funnily enough, they mistakenly refer to spirits on their website. You'd think they'd know water isn't a spirit.....
  10. Just make sure you don't have any fires...your insurance company may not pay out.
  11. Their families probably spent generations learning to do it right.

    I'd happily drink moonshine made by a fifth generation producer. I'd happily drink moonshine made by someone with some proven chemical engineering experience. I'd be a bit more circumspect about sampling the output of a random with a diploma from the University of the Internet who thought it looked like fun and fancied having a go.

    It's a question of risk management. I apply exactly the same to whether I'll passenger on a bike with someone. In general, unless I know their history I won't.

    As for whether I'd have a go myself, yes I probably would but not without having a clear idea of the risks, both legal and physical, amassing sufficient knowledge to minimise them and ensuring that, initially at least, noone but myself is subjected to them.
  12. Anything I know about stills, I learned from watching MASH. BJ and Hawkeye knew a thing or two...


    Actually, that looks pretty fake. lol
  13. that is mostly because people decide to distill metho and well that don't work

    that would mean i need insurance in the first place and as a fire fighter i know how to make it look like something else started it
  14. also i know a few cops that have still set up so it can't be that bad
  15. No. They go blind because the distilled product is, effectively, metho.

    You'll forgive me for saying this, but you don't seem like the brightest spark in the fire. So before you go ferment some juiced apples and try and boil it away, actually do some real and proper research about what you are attempting.
  16. i have done a lot of research and i do know what I'm doing it just the building part i can't find out what I'm doing.

    and metho is wood alcohol and the % of wood alcohol in moon shine is something like .5% so unless you get that bloody leg less that you drink 3-4L of it or if you drink the first 50ml (wood alcohol has a lower boiling point then ethanol) you should be fine.

    is that enough research or am i still not the bright spark in the fire
  17. Umm no, the problem with distilling if done incorrectly is that you produce methanol not ethanol - not just 0.5% methanol but much higher concentrations. That is where the issue with wood alcohol and blindness comes in.

    I don't often give a toss about what others do, particularly on the internet but you are really beginning to worry me. Please abandon this idea because it is clear that you are absolutely clueless.
  18. Serbs do it best but be careful, had 12 detectives storm my old mans place back in the day, the fine was huge
  19. Yeah, my mum was the best distiller in the family back in "the old country". People used to pay her to make slivovica for them. She never did it in Australia thought.