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Abrasion Resistance: Peforated Vs Normal Leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DeeCubed, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. I'm ordering a tailored two-piece and am toying with the idea of having much of the jacket and pants in peforated leather. Intutively, I can't believe that perforated leather would have the same abrasion resistance as normal leather. I'd certainly like the additional airflow but would I be compromising on protection? In the cooler climes of the UK I've only ever worn normal leather but the WA summer heat drives me crazy.

  2. I would say when it is new, it would be nearly as strong, but as it ages and teh leather hardens somewhat, it will definitely weaken the jacket.
    Leather ALWAYS tears at seams, so you are basically making the jacket one large seam.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I think it's significant that, on all the race suits I've seen, the perforated panels are not in the high stress areas. Outsides of sleeves and legs all remain solid.

    Interestingly (and I haven't really thought of this before) a long slide on the chest and stomach seems to be a rare occurrence in racing, and I haven't heard of too many on the road either, so I'd be fairly comfortable with the usual arrangement of perforated panels in the front.

    But to follow up typhoon's point, I'd be taking exceptionally good care of the leather. I don't think you could take the liberties with maintenance that you could once get away with with the traditional black rhino hide gear.
  4. I ordered my leathers made exclusively from perforated leather seeing as though I race in the heat and not at exceptional speeds (170km/hr max, normally 130km/hr max). I've had over 30 spills below 80k's and a few at 80k's +. Abrasion at those speeds doesnt come into it, I havent gone close to wearing them through. I did however tear them open at the hip on a sharp rock, but then I've seen that happen on non-perf as well.

    If it's for road legal speeds, I say go for it. They are so nice once you're moving. Road racing at 200+ my gut feeling would tell me to go for non-perf.
  5. Makes no difference. As PatB mentions, the perforations are in the arms and chest area, not places where you tend to slide a lot. And the venting makes such a difference.
  6. Pat & Typhoon, I had noticed that the pro's limit their perforations to the areas that you describe, and that's shaping my thinking, but I hadn't thought about the peforations becoming weaker as the leather hardens with age...good insight for me that.

    Cejay, I'm getting the sense that Devo's leathers are exclusively, i.e. completely perforated...right Dev'? (Any chance of a fotie?) It sounds unique and unusually cool, and is helping me to fully form a view.

    EDIT: So I'm re-reading Lee Parks' Total Control and I see he advises that if the perforations are closer than 0.6" then the risk of perforation tears is very high. (All this is being fed back into my two-piece design...it's a cool process :cool: )