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About your land?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by South FrenchGirl, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hello!

    Some of you know me by my introduce, but I repeat information which can help you to understand my wrong write:
    I'm a french bikegirl (hornet 600 S) and I'm on this forum to raise my english level.
    So, please, you're invite to correct me!!! :grin:

    I open this topic to know more your country.
    I wanted to come to work in Australia at one time of my life, to discover this beautiful country. People said to me that French was required in the sector of mechanical engineering (I am draughtsgirl and designer).
    is this true?
    I gave up this idea because I believe that the standard of living is higher.
    And my boyfriend hate the english language...do you know how much gains a draftsman in Australia? is this a good trade?

    is it difficult to come to work in Australia? is your government closed on this subject? or does it encourage the foreigners to come to work on your country?

    thank you!

  2. don't take everything you read here as fact, some talk crap and others don't know crap when they see it, so you know [think of us as mini america :oops: ]

    you know more about english than most such as the difference between 'your' and 'you're'

    ie; "is that your bike?" and, "so you're going out tonight?" basically, you're is an abreviation of you are, but you already knew that didnt you? [thought i would pop it in just in case]

    never start a sentance with the word 'And'

    good luck

    if you're in sydney i can introduce you to some french people who are about 30-35 who came over last year

    cheers :cool:
  3. Prime example :LOL:

    French Girl... have a chat with Stewy about being a draftsman/woman in Australia, he is a draftsman, I'm sure he can give you plenty of advice. :)
  4. you forgot to put your example in caz


  5. thank you D Stump and Caz V1, your answers please me and help me much! :grin:

    I will discuss with Stewy and it will maybe convince me to take again my research on a job in Australia...

    thank you very much!

    Another question : I love much the animals and I would like to know whether the reputation of the bad Australian poachers is true...
  6. french grammer is a little different to ausie [my spelling is rooted by the way]

    you say

    i love animals very much

    so the adjective goes behind the noun

    poachers? ausie poachers? none that i know of

    cheers :cool:
  7. Your comment lastnight about the Kwaka Eliminator not being like a cruiser for one.
  8. RATS! i thought i had you!!! :LOL:

    betcha cant think of 2 :LOL:

    cheers :cool: , and be nice to the cripples who cant ride a sports bike! it hurts them you know!!!! if ya tell em the kwaka eliminator is ok they may not even notice how shit it is :LOL:
  9. Hello and welcome!

    I don't know anything about drafting or much about engineering, but do I know a little about the English language, so....


    Would be better as:

    "I began this topic to get to know more about your country."

    "My boyfriend hates the English language."

    (So do I, by the way. I think French is a much more beautiful language, even if I can only speak a few words of it.)

    You're most welcome.
  10. No, we prefer to barbeque our animals rather than poach them.

    Australian customs have done a good job at preventing animal smuggling, unfortunately budgie smugglers are still far too common around waterways and beaches. :LOL: (sorry Australian humour - someone might explain it for you though ;)).
  11. I see the Aussie humour and local language is alive and well... if you search for "rooted" you won't get the true context of what stump said (infact, a lot of the time, what she says is contextually ambiguous... but not all the time ;) )... budgie smugglers... well... I'll leave that to someone else.

    Good luck with learning the english language through us Aussies! You are in for a bumpy ride!

    For example: don't come the raw prawn with anyone on these forums, and you wont have to chuck a ewey on what you just crapped on about. Clear as mud? Good.


    Welcome to NR.
  12. English improvement language lessons 101-
    Save some cash.
    Apply to Australian government for a working visa.
    Buy a plane ticket.
    Sell your crap.
    Quit your job. Then apply for 1 here www.seek.com.au
    Jump on a plane.
    Immerse yourself in the culture and start talking. :blah:

    Best possible way I have found to improve your choosen language to learn. Besides, you will have about 2794 single Netrider boys, who would be willing to sponsor a young French speaking girl for a visa application or at least supply a coach to sleep on. Cant say the same for your boyfirend, have to ask the single Netrider girls :grin:
    I remember doing a training coarse in Corchevel in the French alps. We had to go to the hardware store and ask for lightglobes and plumbing supplies and general maintenance stuff as I was the maintenance man for the chalet. Hardware never sounded so sexy as when said in a French accent :LOL: seriously
  13. Wow, french english even sounds hot over the internet!!! :LOL:

    Welcome to Australia!!
  14. "supply a coach to sleep on." :rofl:

    I might be available for that coaching position. LMAO!
  15. South FrenchGirl
    Check your private messages.
  16. OK

    I will happily define Budgie Smugglers pour vous

    Here is a picture of me (maybe not) in budgy smugglers


    If you want to buy a pair for yourself, visit http://www.budgysmuggler.com.au/

    See how easy that was!!

  17. de quelle région de la France à l'ouest des sud venez-vous ?
  18. LOL...and for the rest of us...according to Babel Fish he asked:

    from which area of France east of the south do come you?

  19. Umm...dunno about French being useful. Autocad yes, CAD/CAM experience yes, design experience definitely, but not necessarily French! If you have a good attitude, work well in teams (that can include crusty, old draftsmen, talentless engineers, architects wih egos and sub-contractors that get stuff done), designs that use imagination and are relatively future proof, and examples of your work, you should be able to get a foot in the door. Many draftspeople start with a TAFE qualification, but have very little design skill or practical understanding, so your skills may put you ahead!

    Most places use AutoCAD (version/release whatever), but drawing board experience can be helpful. 3D work is worthwhile too (delending on what mechanical field you're in). If your versatile (ie can be Mechanical, building services, process design) as well - a real plus. I'm a bit out of date since I haven't worked in the field for ten years or so.

    From my experience in the drafting field, many jobs weren't widely advertised - most work was for contract draftspeople and were advertised through the grapevine and other drafties. When I managed a drawing office in my deep, dark past, we had a network of experienced draftspeople to cqall on when needed, but I was always receptive to people who came in off the street/sent in resumes, specially if they provided samples of their work. There was no guarantee that it would be their own, but you could investigate that when you invited them in for a chat to see if they'd fit into the team.

    Hope all this helps!


  20. welcome aboard south frenchgirl. i have no doubt you'll be made abundantly welcome here by all, especially the boys, which is why i thought i'd post to let you know that you'd get plenty of support from the girls here too if you came to oz. especially those of us who also ride hornet600s (eh tash?).

    +1 to caz. PM Stewy about what it takes to become a draftsperson in australia. he'll know the ins and outs.

    good luck and good on you for making the effort to expand your language skills. most of us english speakers are too lazy and too arrogant to learn another language!

    all the best, carri x