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About to put a deposit on a buell 1125cr thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Ok so they are rare as hens teeth and the only 2 dealers left in melb want 13 and 13.6 for them but I have another dealer left with 1 coming in the next couple of weeks confirmed that wants a much fairer price.

    Im about to put a deposit on a bike ive never seen.... help.

    any buell owners out there who want to tell me its a stupid decision?

    Parts and WTY will be looked after for 10years (no the wty isnt 10years) by any melbourne HD dealer assuming they want the financial incentives.

    Anyone ridden one here or better yet own one and want to empart any experience?

  2. That means you haven't ride it neither?

    Any particular reason for this bike? Is it the brand, the look, or you just want to be different?

    Have you short listed any other bikes or test rode any? Don't make an impulsive purchase.
  3. In the latest AMCN. Harley Davidson have closed down the Buell workshop.
    So there will be discounted models on for sale. But getting parts in the long term could be a problem.
  4. always wanted one, the time has come now. the deal is way to good to pass up and they are as rare as hens teeth atm.

    its always been on my shortlist but for the money and just wanting something different for a change its just too good to pass up
  5. Putting down a deposit on a bike from a now defunct company is taking a very big risk.
    And if/when you get the bike, the support options are going to be at the very least limited.
    If you have to ask these questions, then I am guessing you aren’t confident enough to take these sort of chances.
    But that is just my take on the subject.
  6. nah im confident. just champing at the bit. HD has the warranty and parts sorted.
  7. not really worried about parts availability as I probably wont keep it more than a couple of years (ive had 6 bikes in less than 3 years :p)

    more about reliability and general quirks of the bike
  8. Neither HD nor Rotax are closing down AFAIK. I think you will be fine with support. The only proviso is that the dealer will pretty much know you won't be back to them for your next bike. So you'll need to keep an eye on the quality of the work done at service.
    I would be pretty damn excited to get my hands on one of these.
  9. yeah HD dealers are generally bitchy from the ones ive called around and it will be getting work done at a dealership other than the one that I purchase it from, so thats a worry.

    But if i buy some bling from one of the dealers maybe they will look after me.

    anyone know any decent melb HD dealers for service?
  10. Rode a Ulysses, loved it - nice bike but have waited weeks for parts for an Aprilia and now my Duc...and you said elsewhere you want to commute on this bike??

    If you wanted to keep it for ten years, service it yourself, then I'd say go for it - IMHO whatever you save on purchase price will be nothing compared to depreciation hit when trying to sell it in "couple of years"
  11. Well if you are confident on support, and you don’t care about actually test riding then Knock yourself out.
    I suppose the question of have you ridden any Buells comes to mind? Do you know what they feel like as a general rule?
  12. If you want one go for it!, I'd try and blag a test ride first though!
  13. id love a testride but theres only 2 on the floor anywhere in vic and most places have long waitinglists with deposits already down.
  14. Buy it, there won't be any more! You can always sell it if it's not the bike for you.
  15. How many kms are you planning to do each year?

    If it's something small like 5,000/yr then it's probably no problem.

    If it's a bike you simply MUST have and the price is right, give it a whirl and may it bring you much pleasure.

    If you only 'like' them and the price is making you interested, forget it. So many other bike brands out there 'still operating' that can give you a cheap thrill :angel:
  16. Deposit down. I cant wait to pick it up :D.

    If I don't like it I can always sell it... If i sold it after a few hundred K's I could probably almost sell it for as much as I paid for it. being that Melbourne dealers wanted 3k more that this dealer.

    So the bike is in the warehouse with a big sold sticker on it now.

    Midnight black 1125CR on the way to a net rider ride near you.

    Considering it was 1.5k cheaper ride away than a bog stock bandit N from peter stevens "on sale". I think it was about the easiest decision ive made in a long time in the end.

    The real battle begins now, how will the reliability stand up to my commute? only time will tell. I'm sure with 146hp will use a little more fuel but it holds 20 litres in the frame so im sure it will be bearable

  17. Congraulations - I reckon you've made a great choice. Got the brother motor to yours in my RC8 and it's a fine piece of machinery. The rest of the bike is problem free.....the 1125s were never lemons.

    I wouldn't worry about support, you'll find that HD have a very good obsolesence program for parts and they're not selling the brand. In fact there's already a thought that the Buell name will resurface at some point as HD have a proprietory outlook on the brand (unlike MV).

    Good choice!
  18. If it was cheaper than a Bandit then I reckon you've got yourself a bargain.

    Be aware that most HD dealers give Buell owners 2nd class service and I'd only expect that to increase from now on.

    Having said that I love Buells... they were the 1 motorbike I'd considered other than the Guzzi I eventually bought (but then I love big air cooled twins).
  19. if it's a rotax engine maybe a bmw workshop could work on it.
    Not sure though.
  20. I'm a bit curious about Rotax. What other bikes have rotax's. I take it the RC8 and some BMW's?

    Oh and I'm super excited.