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About to inspect a 2008 Yamaha YZF-R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by alexjennings, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. G'day all,

    I am now on my open license and looking to upgrade. I have been riding a 2009 GS500F for the past year and a bit(daily ride). I have now changed jobs and work on offshore supply ships in North West WA. As i work FIFO I don't really want a whole lot of bike sitting in my garage for 5 weeks while I'm away. Ive found a 2008 R6 which has just hit 50,000km-buyer is asking $6000.00 ONO.

    My questions-
    Does anyone own/perviously owned a R6-and what are your thoughts.
    KMs-is 50,000 too much? I'm not too concerned about resale and i know that the km'm won't be racking up once i have it.
    Price-IMO i think the price is reasonable-i would like to get a couple $100 off the price.

    When asking the seller if the bike has been dropped-he said it had. From the photos i can see its is just minor cosmetic to the left side fairing-as it has oggy knobs on it. the bike as a yoshi slip on and (supposedly) anew sprockets and chain. The bike has been serviced by North Start Yamaha in brisbane and the dealer has provided flu service history.

    Any 2 cents would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It is high k's, and you get nowhere on an R6 without revs. But, if it's a full service history, recent tyres, chain, spockets then consumables are done. Change the oil and filter straight away for piece of mind.
    I'd be aiming at the nearer $5K mark, that way if it sh*ts itself you can get a same age or later donor bike from the wreckers with lower k's and not be out of pocket too much. It looks okay on BSales with a decent appraisal.
    Choose wisely.
  3. appreciate the info mate.
    When i take it for a ride-is there anything i should be doing to it? revving the guts out, or anything i should be looking for?
  4. At least he's honest. "never dropped never ridden in the rain" claims are so annoying. He seems straight up and since he can provide the service history that's good also.

    But you'll never know for sure unless someone knowledgeable checks it over.
  5. thats it! When i arrange the RWC, I'm going ensure he takes it to my mechanic-so i can have him have a once over it all