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About to do my pre-learners!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by j0shman, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Hi guys!

    Long time ive been away from this forum and you lovely people, but I havent been able to get the ball rolling in terms of learning to ride...until now!

    Ive got my pre-learners booked with my missus at the end of the month in Penrith. Just wondering if anyone's ever done their training there before and can enlighten me on what to expect? The first day runs for 3.5 hours one week, then I have to go back the following week for the same hours.


  2. I did mine last month, didn't train at Penrith but i'm assuming all training centers in NSW run the same program?
    7 hours doesn't sound like much time but you'll learn alot. Very basic: how to get on the bike, start it, adjust mirrors, head checks, changing gears, cornering, braking, coming to a complete stop, merging, estimating distances, etc.
    Everything has a system or sequence, for example, starting the bike: kill switch, key, clutch, press start. Turning the bike off: kill switch, key, front brake, kick stand. You'll go over and over each system until it becomes second nature.
    It hailed on the day I did mine...FYI they ride no matter what the weather!
    Have fun and good luck :)
  3. Mate ,don't stress about it ,its a fun day and they teach your everything you need to know from what side of the bike you get on it from...how to do up your helmet.
    Just listen to every word and enjoy it....its fun.
    First day ,you talk about road rules and different things ,check the bike out and do a little riding ...say 2 hours class from 1 hour on the bike.
    Second day is more riding ,stopping ,starting ,change up and down gears and where to look and ...very basic stuff ,enough to get you going on your own in a quiet back street at home.
    Check you tube out ....pre learners course... or some thing along these lines and you will see someones taken video.
  4. Cheers mate, im certain its very fun and easy...looking forward to it!