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About to be a new rider...i think ive done the prep work ;)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SBOB, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Well..ive booked in for my l's at the ripe old age of 28(have wanted a bike for ages...) but anyway,...thats all well and done...
    today with a mate whose already a rider we went 'looking' for what ill be up for in the way of gear/bikes i like...

    well anyway...what do you know
    first shop...he's buyin a basic new helmet, negotiates a cheap deal and convinces me to follow...
    so 1st purchase
    black/yellow NEX helmet(fibreglass w/ removable parts inside)...throw in 2 tinted visors $150...
    cheap enough and seems to fit well...(did i do good? ;) )

    next we go looking at bikes...
    first place, nothing but a huyo 250...pass
    2nd place, 2 gs500's with the only difference being k's, ask a few q's..went home, stewed, checked online tradingpost prices and went back...
    and what do you know, impulse buying me has secured a deposit on this

    (this isn the exact one but its the same style)
    7000k, 05 model, yellow to match the helmet( ;) ) , 5k
    did i do good?

    got a knowledgeable bike friend checking it over tomorrow before full payment, and then it gets to sit in the garage for 2 1/2 weeks :)

  2. Well done mate and you're off to a good start.
    My head (as ugly as it is) is worth a bit more than a NEX lid.
    Up to you but please keep it as a spare and fork out for a better one ASAP.
  3. You did very well yes, congrats.

    Now get thee autosol and polish those downpipes :LOL:
  4. Mate, they'll be worn out before there is any shine on them. :LOL:
    They dont look like SS or chrome to me :wink:
  5. Well Done!
    upgrade your lid when you can ...
  6. Bollocks. All helmets that have the right sticker meet the safety standards, above that you're paying for lightness, doodads like fog-free visors, paint jobs and marketing. This "$100 helmet for a $100 head" argument is what keeps manufacturers justifying the mental prices they put on lids.
  7. Like they say, the difference between a $400 lid and a $900 lid is a $500 paint job.

    The cheaper lids will be fine for legal speed crashes. They've all been tested to the required standard and proved to be good enough. The noticable difference might be in noise levels and how long plastic clips last but there's no garantee an expensive lid won't be noisey anyway.

    You've done great mate and got yourself a top little bike. :grin:
    Keep the lid you've got and spend any extra cash on other gear (jacket, boots, gloves, pants). :)
  8. Good stuff.

    Welcome to our world. The best place to be is on a bike.

    5k for such a good example of a gs sounds like a bargain.
  9. I've been on bikes of all types for 35 years and in that time I've had a few helmets. Due to necessity I've had cheaper lids and in each case the padding compresses much quicker than others and they don't fit after 6 months. They don't absorb sweat as well so they smell and even if the liners are removable they never go back to how they were. I currently have a HJC $450 so its not a top end job by any stretch but it will last me years. I'm sure it will still be fitting when it's time to replace it.
    Mine has good ventilation, doesn't fog, doesn't smell and doesn't weigh to much. There are much lighter helmets available at much higher prices but this one will do me.
    It's my opinion that cheap helmets are not great value if used every day.
  10. Re: About to be a new rider...i think ive done the prep work

    Congrats mate! You one step ahead of me! I'm 30 and doing my L's in 4 weeks :? , so I am at the start of the journey. I used to ride motorcross about 16 years ago but I will be treating it like I am starting from scratch again...

    The bike looks like a good choice... And the price is pretty good (compared to what I have seen around the ACT lately)
  11. I beg to differ :p
    Surely all those right-ups on helmet testing ( ie SNELL etc ) cannot be just a scam to entice us to spend more on helmets thinking they are safer ??
  12. Surely no businesses are trying to fool people out of money with magic technology... Where's my seven-blade razor? :LOL:

    I agree with 2WA that the $100 lid will probably get foggy and might not stay comfy for as long, but in terms of safety it's fine.
  13. I think every business I've encountered are of high morals, honest, hard-working and always have the consumers' interests in mind. :p

    Point taken Loz ..
    I still beg to differ tho :blackeye:
    and I SHOULD know .. Ive been riding a whole 9 months now .. so there .. :p
  14. Im sure a cheap helmet would work, not as well as a more expensive one, And although they meet the safety standards with the cheap helmets im sure,
    but the better (more $$$) quieter and more comfortable helmets exceed the standards and would last longer.

    i tried on lots of helmets when i was looking for gear and every cheapo one i tried on felt, well, cheap, things creaked and the moving parts didnt move as well as they did on the more expensive ones (im not talking mega bucks here just an extrs 100 -150 over a cheap $250 helmet)

    My 2c