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about time to post pics.....

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by speedy300zx, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. hi everyone,
    i think its about time I should post some pictures of my bike, I purchased it couple of mths back never had time to take some pic. Well here it is.. Aprilia RS 125 Lorenzo Replica, 2007 , 2 stroke.... I can go on with all the specs (because I read the maintenance book.. lol.. )
    I was tossing between a Ninja & FZ6R & Aprilia, I dont know if I have made the right choice but Hey .. I LOVE TO RIDE THIS BIKE..
    Please comment what you all think of this bike.

    MODS::soon all stickers will be comin off, following with Tail tidy & bit of a face lift...

    Regards to all.

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  2. Aprilla has some mean body shapes.

    Love it, but the blue on the wheels takes away from the bike IMO.
  3. i know aye,, blue doesnt fit well with da red & yellow,, may look much better with no other colours than red & blue... lets c how it goes....

  4. Hi mate and congrats on the bike! I had one as first bike but it was a 2001 model that I spannered back to life from a wreck - it mightn't have looked 100% but it sure went well.

    I would keep the stickers on it for both looks and resale value, but agree that the wheels look a tad out of place. If it bothers you you could search eBay for a second set and swap the tyres over. Personally I'd paint the kickstand blue and put some blue accents around the place to tie them in... like blue clutch and brake levers for example.

    On the performance side of things, make sure you lube the poervalve every few thousand kay and run decent JASO-FC rated oil in the tank. I preferred Valvoline 2T Race as it was cheap and worked well; on rebuild there was only expected wear and almost no deposits on the cylinder head. Get it from SuperCheap.

    Cheers - boingk
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  5. hey mate,
    thks for da useful tips. honestly I was thinking about getting some blue in it too..I rekon I have to get rid of the stickers as the right side got none(i bought it like that).. lets see when can i work my way around it. Also I m runnin it on Motul oil & premium fuel since I bought it, I rekon the previous owner did da same too. only issue i m facing now is that the bike has got over 18000 ks I think its ready for a rebuild & I been asking many mechanics, I rekon not many know what they takin about & tell ya da truth,, DAMM EXPANSIVE.. I dont mind paying money to the right person for the right job.. majority of them dont know HOW & WHEN to do it.. I will be really greatful to you if you can guide me to the perfect guy for my ride..
    I m around st george area, shall see you some time on da road.


    harry :)