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About time I took some photos MY12 STR

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Whitey, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Finally got around to taking some photos of the bike & figured I might as well post them up here also.


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  2. Looks the goods mate.....

    The belly-pan and bug-screen really finish off the Striple...........I don't think they should be optional - they are NECESSARY!

    Nice bike mate (y)
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  3. Nice pics! You mind if I ask what the tank grips are that you have on there?
  4. Nice bike, but hell whitey you must have huge head.
  5. :rofl: :rofl:

  6. Definitely agree with that. I reckon the Striples look awful without those two options.
  7. Don't have to hang off the bike at all, just tilt my head to the side to turn.

    Victriple, they're the techspec grips in the full cut shape.

  8. With the new style lights the bug screen definitely looks better. The belly pan balances out the colour and ties it together.

  9. Totally agree......great bike the Striple R

    I very nearly had one myself.......but then I rode the Ape......

    Fantastic bike - great colour......good to finally see it!
  10. Looks good Al, they are a great ride. I also agree you need the bug screen and the belly pan to bring it all together. However, you need to do something about those cans :)
  11. Thought about changing the exhaust but trying to get that cost past the wife is tricky. Got the bike and she got her new couch. Now she wants an o/s holiday.....