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About time I said "Hi"

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by harvey, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    I've been stooging around Netrider for a while now, so it's time I said g'day. I'm on a CB 250, which has spent the last 14 months in the shed. Looking to get it back on the road soon, so will be back in the forums a bit more regularly.
    So, an early thanks to all those who have taken the time to answer other people's questions and in so doing have answered mine.

  2. Shed motorcycles are sad motorcycles :(

    Welcome Harvey, what do you need to do to the bike to get it going?
  3. I know that I need to get it registered and a road-worthy. As it's been sitting still for that long, I don't know what it might need done to it. I do know that I can't start it now, although the lights still come on, so it might not be the battery. But my knowledge is small.

  4. Charge the battery
    Change the fuel, fuel does go off.
    Drain the float bowels of the carburetors. (Screw drains on the bottom)
    Pull the spark plugs and clean them if necessary.

    Give it a go, if you get it started change the oil and oil filter.
    Check the tyre status and pressures.
  5. Welcome to Nutrider!
  6. Welcome Harley.
    Good luck with your bike.
    I work in Baysie so I'm there most days if you need a hand.

    A friend recently purchased an old CB also. His plan is to spend 6mths or so getting it sorted and roadworthy before he gets it out on the road.
  7. check the kill switch and sidestand. I guess you did that already but there are maybe noobs reading this that don't know the basic most common reasons for a failure to proceed.

    Good luck with it and welcome to the forummm
  8. welcome mate :]
  9. :banghead:
    Oops. Still won't start, but thanks for pointing to the obvious. More of a noob than I thought.

    Thanks for your welcomes and suggestions. I'll probably take it to the shop to get the service and roadworthy done and look at the possibility of self-servicing from there. Or I might get something bigger.:)