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About time I introduced myself

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jacksbowel, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Hey everybody!

    I'm Andrew, 21 years of age.

    I registered here quite a while ago, but since I was living out in the sticks (near Bruthen, at the foot of the alpine highway. Ah, good times) at the time I never really bothered to introduce myself, just added a few comments where I thought I could be helpful here and there.

    Anyway, I've moved to (north) Melbourne now and whilst the videogame-nature of lanesplitting and filtering to work can offer a fair bit of entertainment, I'd love to meet some other bikers who can show me some of melbourne's roads.

    Onto my biking history for those interested:

    I was probably about 7 when I got a pw80, which I promptly outgrew and moved onto a rt100, which honestly is a piece of sh ite of a bike. Crap suspension, no power for a 100cc two stroke, prone to mechanical failure etc. The pw80 was brilliant though, I still ride it to this day when I visit my parents farm. I think it's had one major service since bought and even then they just looked at it, said "it's running fine" and gave it back to us.

    When I was about 15-16 I was fortunate enough to get my dad's hand-me-down wr250f when he bought a new dirt bike. A few fun-filled years of riding around the snowy mountains/dinner plain area followed.

    I always planned to get my bike license as soon as I was old enough, alas, things didn't really turn out that way. When I moved out of home (the first time cough) I decided to move to Sydney to "study" (real reason was to be with my girlfriend) I more or less forgot about motorbikes, being too busy focusing on partying on $50 a week and substance abuse, and starving in the meantime.

    Sometime around early 2008, in the last few months of my stay in that humid dump known as Sydney, I was at my girlfriends house watching videos on youtube. Something inspired me to watch some motorbike videos. I got quite fixated on 90s viragos. The amount of videos I watched of badly-dressed americans riding their viragos next to the family's SUV with "born to be wild" playing in the background is actually pretty embarrassing.

    So my girlfriend and I got sick of being poor and decided to move to my parents house for a few months (turned out to be over a year, but that's part of my life story, not my motorcycle story :p) and save up some money. After working enough double-shifts in a restaurant I walked into the local motorbike dealership to look at the bikes. I decided I wanted a cb400, not a slow-ass virago 250. So working at the restaurant a bit longer then. I ended up getting the cb400 for $8500 ride away. The price went up a month after I bought it.

    So I spent a bliss-filled year cutting my teeth in the road bike world on some of the best roads in Victoria. Alpine Highway, Dargo rd, and numerous back roads in East Gippsland I shall not name because they're MINE.

    I finally moved to Melbourne in late 2009. Used savings a few months ago to upgrade to a Street Triple. Only use it to get to work, with the occasional trip down to East Gippsland to ride on some real roads. If I keep doing that I'm going to end up looking like I have car tyres, hence my desire to learn of some great roads closer to my new home/new riders to associate myself with.


    P.S. It's my birthday in 10 days too (;
  2. Hi Andrew ,
    Welcome to NR ,

    You show us your roads and no doubt some nice people around here will show you some of our great local roads :twisted:
  3. Yeah awwwright, I will show them to a netrider if yer ever down that way, but I shan't mention it here. Big Brother Mr. Polly Fleece is watching :eek:hno:
  4. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Take no notice of Kitt and her "I'll show you mine :butt: if you show me yours" routine. She tries that on all the new people :bolt:
  5. Welcome to Netrider. Tyre abuse is much more fun that substance abuse :wink:.
  6. now thats an intro, no use welcoming you as u have been here for a while :)
  7. Why are people generally reluctant to share locations of good driving roads?
    It's not as if there will be a huge influx of annoying newbs on that road? And in any case even if there was...isn't it more fun when not riding alone?

    ETA: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jack!
  8. mate that is the best attitude, show people here good roads and they need to create google maps for every wanker and give the pigs a heads on where to sit and wait....

    Hope to have my bike back on the road towards the end of the month, will drop you a line when i start heading out again, but yes you will struggle to find roads as good as where you grew up

    btw welcome to the boards
  9. HiDee HoDee
    I'm a touch envious as it sounds like you've already ridden some great roads and you're in the right place to ride a few more. Like Hornet suggested: Tyre abuse is good mmmkay (oh and killing kittens :p)
  10. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!

    Shame I learnt that the hard way, though sadly both can result in nasty death-situations. Damn genetically influenced disposure to risk-taking behaviour :nopity:

    Kind of like what stewy was saying, it's not so much a matter of "I'm a totally 1337 dude that will not suffer noobs on my roads" but more just wariness of releasing such information on a forum anyone on the planet can access. Namely police. And seriously, they do take notice. I've seen cops parked with speed cameras on some really remote rural roads just because they heard/read somewhere that cars race there.


    Yeah the only roads I've discovered of my own accord so far is the yarra boulevard (yawn) and st andrews to king lake. The single-lane portion to king lake was a little too "double diamond" for my liking, though my girlfriend sitting on the back wrestling to keep the bike upright and generally freaking out could have contributed to the stress-factor.

    For sure give me a bell when your bike's operational, it'll be great to get out there.

    Tell me about it, i'm envious of myself and my country-dwelling days. If only I could've had the triple back then. Hope you're right about being in a position to ride some more!
  11. i know what you mean by all the roads, its good at the moment because its all nice and quiet without prying eyes :) local knowledge is the key. im sorta familiar with the roads down that way, i'm from sale.

    whats the street triple like? one day i'll buy one of those, but as a bike for just doing the bigger rides as it would be a fair whack comfier than the supermoto lolz.
  12. Ah.. I see. Something I am yet to experience...the thrill of riding on an open road at dawn with no one around but the fresh air and nature...

    Or something like that.