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About pizza delivery by motorcycle

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aerts666, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. i am going to do a part time pizza delivery job.
    so where can i get a box witch can packed at rear seat?

    Any helps or tips will be appreciated.
  2. Zip ties!

    You can even rig up system to divert the exhaust air onto the pizza to keep it warm! :D
  3. pmsl :LOL: :LOL:

    I'll order 2 Yoshimura RS3 flavoured pizzas thanx.. yum :grin:

  4. extra carbon seasoning please !

    there was a pizza by scooter delivery in adelaide for a bit a while back i think
  5. :LOL: :LOL: @ carbon seasoning.

    neva eva seen pizza bike deliveries B4..
  6. First there was 'Fat Pizza', now we will get to see 'Flat pizza'.

    ............followed by mangled pizza
  7. I need my pizza in a hurry. Can I have methanol topping?
  8. Young guy wants to ride all the time ,but has to work to pay the bike off .
    It sounds like a win win.
    I think you will find they have bags and straps ect ,for bikes at the larger pizza shops.

    Good luck with it dude ,my pizza guy drives a skyline ,i would give him a big tip if he rode a bike.
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  10. Bike pizza deliveries have been happening forever.

    It was even in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie a million years ago ;)

  11. There's an advert on TV for something or other where a guy races through the streets on a bike or scooter to deliver a pizza, and when he gets there the toppings have all slid off to the side of the box!!

    But seriously, someone is making custom racks for couriers, etc, because you see heaps of them round the cities, pizzas would be easy.
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  13. Interesting..

    Well I've yet to see or notice a moped putting around wif a
    load of pizzas at the back :grin:

    But we're sure 2C em in a neighbourhood near you! :grin:
  14. All the CBD pizza shops seem to have their own fleet of delivery scooters....see them all the time.
  15. well there u go.. u learn something nu everyday :)

    i'm rarely in the city..
  16. Back in 1999, there were two bikes schlepping pizza for the Pizza Hut in Balmain, in Sydney... one was a 1200 Bandit, the other a blue ZX-9R-C1.

    Using a bike for pizza delivery only makes sense in the CBD. A car will take three times as many orders at once, it won't be meaningfully slower in sparse suburban traffic than a bike, it's easier to navigate in (one hand on the wheel, street directory in the other... doesn't work on a bike), and it's quicker to and from the customer (don't have a helmet to take off to prevent customer thinking you're there to do a home invasion, nor gloves to prevent you handling change).
  17. in the CBD, yes I can understand using em..

    but not in the suburbs tho??
  18. Hence my post including the words "A car... won't be meaningfully slower in sparse suburban traffic than a bike..." in a list of ways in which a bike would be at a disadvantage as a pizza-schlepper in the suburbs.
  19. yeh gotcha.. :wink:
  20. ba ding ding ding ding baaaaarp ding baaa ding barp "pizza delivery !"