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About bloody time!!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Bartz, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. A big hi out to one and all!
    Well I've wanted a motorbike since I was knee high to a grasshopper, was a very effective way of getting really cool birthday presents that we're not a motorbike!!! ](*,)
    So mum told wife to never let me get a bike too. So a few very fast cars later my wife runs off with another woman's husband :nopity: and I think, damn if he's allowed I have a motorbike then I'm getting one too!
    So there you have my life in a nutshell. I bought my first bike a few weeks ago, got my L's yesterday (I feel 16 years old again) and went for my first ride in the pouring rain today and why a blast I had!
    If you see a slightly jaded but optimistic old L plater pull in at Pie in the sky then come say hello, I'm one of you guys now!!!

  2. Hi & welcome Bartz.
    Better late than never. (y)
  3. G'day Bartz and welcome aboard mate.

    As Kawasaki themselves advertise with their motto :

    "Let the good times roll"

    Enjoy (y)
  4. Hello bartz, nice to meet you mate. Welcome to motorcycles and welcome to netrider.

    Mate, why does a dog lick his balls? Because he can. You're between women. That's a time of some stress and humiliation at what you have to do to do the things you need to do to... Lean the sheets against he wall for a couple of days each month and don't forget that when you apply dencorub or linamint between sessions, to ease RSI and shit, wash your hands before you touch the unemployed. And you can ride BIKES - because there's no can't there to tell you you can't! Go and do the shit you want to do. Skydive. Bungy-jump. Buy a big fast bike and f*ck 'em all because they thought you were a pencil d*ck!

    Now all you have to do is learn to ride the f*ggen thing so you don't kill yourself. Chickenfeed, really...
  5. Welcome Bartz. What sort of bike did you get?
  6. Great opening Bartz,

    Hope to see you around and welcome to the forummm.
  7. Welcome to Netrider, Bartz. :)
  8. Welcome Bartz!

    P.S. Do you know why a divorce is so expensive? Because they're worth it!

    //Happily married
  9. Hi Bartz, what part of Newcastle are you in? What bike did you end up with? Welcome to the eye opening awesomeness that is motorcycling!
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome and some cracking advice.
    Kneedragon had me in stitches.
    My first bike is a 2008 GS500f. 20,000 on the clock but services and well looked after apart from some cosmetics - the fairing around the blinkers seems to take a beating on them all. My baby is in better nix than the precious one I viewed in my hunt, less than 4000 Kay's and was rooted!
    See you guys on the twisties, I'll try an stay out of your way, for now!!!
  11. Hey Bartz,

    Why bother getting married? Might as well just find a woman you hate and buy her a house.

    Anyway, a motorbike is a good way to pick up girls.
    Just hasn't worked for me.

    Its certainly the most fun you can have dressed all up in leather and with big boots on.
  12. I thought KD's advice was spot on, but this is even better :rofl:
  13. Oh I can think of a few fun scenarios dressed in leather and big boots, it seems NK has mixed the scenarios together!!!!
    Yeah I reckon I'll pick up heaps of girls wobbling down the road with my L plates flapping in the breeze! Maybe if I shop for leathers where NK does I might stand a better chance?
  14. Yeah I think I can see where it all went off the rails for you Bartz!
    My outfit is lovely for riding in on a warm day, but it doesn't attract the ladies like you might think; more likely it will attract the attentions of other men who also like wearing leather (caps, mostly...).
  15. Blue Oyster Bar, anyone ?

  16. Yeah Nick, it's kinda why I don't do Movember any more - I can't stand the extra attention from those who really appreciate the taste of a good pillow...
    (Not that there's anything wrong with that ;))
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  17. Okay so welcome to the GS500F club from a fellow noob. My bike is only a couple of weeks old, but it has been dropped once already (not by me I swear ;) ) and the indicator punched through the hole in the fairing. It seems to be designed to sacrifice the fairing to save the indicator. It worked in this case and by unscrewing the indicator and reattaching it, I was left with only a very small and fine but visible crack coming out from the indicator base. So no surprises they all seem to be like it - the first and every drop is going to cause that damage.

    The fairing seems to rattle quite a bit (it did this before the drop) which can be annoying. Does yours? Otherwise I am loving it :)

    I managed to talk my de facto into letting me get the bike. My mum is not happy. As a teenager I wanted my first wheels to be a duo but I was heavily discouraged by both parents and settled for four. No doubt she will now be living in constant fear of me being written off but you've gotta live your own life. So welcome back to yours mate. Enjoy it.
  18. Hey Ingoes

    Well I only got my L's at the end of last week and have already put over 900kms on the clock. Oh and I managed to drop it already too, not too much worry as both sides have been bogged around indicators before it got to me. A little embarrassing though!
    I have yet to do any kays on a naked bike but from what i've done on the GS, the fairing does seem to offer a great deal of protection - so I might not be able to upgrade to that Street Triple that I find so damn sexy!
    Why oh why didn't Suzuki put the blinkers in the sturdy mirrors instead. Really stupid to have them suspended in a flimsy fairing when they are the first to hit the pavement.
    Well I'm loving the bike even now with a mismatched aftermarket blinker sandwiched in the bigger hole in the fairing with a flattened with of corrugated iron roofing as a backing plate...very sexy!
  19. Nice Bartz. Not trying to outdo you, but I've had mine for 12 days and I've done 2000kms. Got my L's two Saturdays ago. So we're both relatively experienced ultra-noobs! (This afternoon I pulled over to offer assistance to a broken down bike - god knows what assistance since I know naff all at this stage mechanically about bikes, but the thought was there. It took me three goes to find neutral (that has been touchier since the drop). Then when I was leaving I tried to hit the start button with the ignition off. And I fumbled looking for the lip to lift my visor. He must have been expecting me to stall it. If I had I may have died from embarassment.)

    GSs are supposed to be bulletproof so I hope yours turns out that way.

    Funny enough, I was thinking this morning that it wouldn't be a shock if a Street Triple turned out to be my upgrade bike in a couple of years. Great minds think alike eh?
  20. Well I can one-up yas all. I've been doing this since the mid 1970s and I currently ride a pretty new ZX14, which I've managed to drop once at about 12 - 15 k. It slid for about 3 - 4 m, and Dog alone knows what it'd cost to bring back to showroom condition. I think a really grumpy assessor could probably categorised it as a repairable write-off. That's in spite of the fact that all damage is cosmetic. It still works 100% perfectly. It's very, very embarrassing. That's motorcycles for you.

    To all the young and eager space cadets out there - do as I say, not as I do. It is possible to f*ck things up in this game and you don't need to be a rank beginner for that to happen.

    Casey Stoner is the best of the best. Along with Rossi, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, and one small step down, Dovisioso, Spies... and that's about it - these guys are the best motorbike riders in the world. And they throw it down the road about once a week. On average.
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