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About bl#%dy time.....hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mr magoo, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Well I sit here, with a gun to my head (held by chickbabe) :LOL: she thinks that after 12 months of lurking it's about time I joined. ( really, what choice do I have, as she is cocking the hammer :LOL: ). And have you every tried to argue with a women? :p

    Ok for those that dont know me, they call me toohey, and I am the BETTERHALF :-w of chickbabe. Have two delightfully, wonderfull DAUGHTERS that take after their MUM. [-o< . And a mistress. The mistress gets ridden often, sometimes hard, sometimes just to lay back and go with the flow. I'm talking about my bike people!, get your mind out of the gutter :LOL: . For those at last week fiddler coffee meet, I love you all too. :LOL: And would like a written confirmation letter from you stating lou's famous words.....you can LOOK, you can TOUCH, BUT dont bring it/them home!! (there is a god) haha.
    Hope to see you out n about,
  2. Haha man, good to see you on the forums. Can't remember if we met at the henno ride or not..

    See you around! :)

    ps: nagging works! :grin:
  3. Where's it gonna stay then.....

    Welcome Magoo

    Good to see ya finally on here :cool:
  4. oh magoo, you've done it again :LOL:

  5. Some one had to say it :LOL: .

    Welcome Magoo, see you saterday .
  6. thank you, thank you :p see you all saturday,i think somebody watched to much tv in their younger days :LOL: but it all good, :grin: :LOL: dish it up iv'e got big shoulders :LOL: :LOL:
  7. My god he follow's me everywhere :p .

    But it is about time, so maybe now he can ask his own questions. :LOL:.

    And he know's to never argue with me, I'm wearing the pants on this one. :shock: :LOL:

    Cheers Lou
  8. Lmao welcome aboard Toohey , and no where not doing a fund raising ride to raise funds for the benevolent society for tooheys that got stung on the Putty :p
  9. Welcome to the mad house... :grin:
  10. G'day Toohey.

    Bout time you pulled the digit :p & did ya own posting.

    At least someone got the punch line in.......although from the sounds of it yesterday at coffee the younger ones didn't quite get it. Hmmmm must be showing my age. :eek: