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Aboriginal tracker

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by birdman, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. An Australian Tourist guide was showing a group of American tourists around the top end of Australia. On their way to Kakadu he was describing the abilities of the Australian Aborigine to track man or beast over land, through the air, under the sea. The Americans were incredulous!

    Then later that day, the tour bus rounded a bend on the highway and discovered, lying in the middle of the road, an Aborigine. He had one ear pressed to the white line whilst his left leg was held high in the air. The tour stopped and the guide and the tourists gathered around the prostrate Aborigine.

    'Jacky', said the tour guide, 'what are you tracking and what are you listening for?'

    The Aborigine replied, 'Down the road about 25 miles is a 1971 Valiant ute. It's red, the left front tyre is bald, the front end is out of whack and it has dents in every single panel. There's 9 Black fellows in the back all drinking warm sherry, there's 3 kangaroos on the roof rack and six dogs in the front seat.'

    The Americans stood astounded of how precise and detailed he was.
    'Goddammit Man, how do you know all that?' one of them asked.

    The Aborigine replied, 'I fell out of the bloody thing about half an hour ago'.

  2. :grin:

    Now say sorry.
  3. If you do, he'll want a new land-crusier as compensation :LOL:.
  4. GOLD!!! :LOL:
  5. :rofl: