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Abolish traffic lights!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. At least, that's what a columnist in The Times is suggesting.

  2. Yes, also see this thread ... while I think doing away with all lights would be going too far, the basic concept of removing as many imposed controls as possible, and replacing them with good old common sense is a valid idea.
    The biggest problem is that common sense is easily supressed in situations of high stress and anger - in other words, in dense traffic. For example I believe this is the only difference between city drivers and country drivers - generally people drive a lot more sensibly and behave more courteously in small towns...

    Maybe the real solution is to decrease the number of people. Actually, that *is* the solution to every single problem on this planet - Earth is over-populated, period... Australian coastal strip is over-populated as well. Historically, for thousands of years the human population was stable at around one billion, until it exploded... but that might be another topic :)
  3. Or non existant in the first place!
  4. The problem with "common sense" is that the term is used when "sense" isn't common to all. I could imagine that "common sense" on the road would be to give way to whatever is bigger than you... :?
  5. They could have a point if the experience from the recent state wide power black outs is anything to go by.

    How many collisions where there compared with the norm although I believe it took a lot longer to get to where you where going.

    I'd prefer to keep traffic lights myself.
  6. Hmm, that guy obviously hasn't been to America where you will find four-way stop signs, and you take turns to cross the intersection. They are four-way so that both roads get a chance to cross, rather than only one road getting to cross as on a two-way stop sign.

    Sure there are less collisions. Everyone sits there staring at each other trying to work out who will go next. (Supposed to be first to arrive, first to cross.) For those wondering, Santa Barbara in California.
  7. Hmmmm....I can see two problems here....

    One, Culture and attitudes towards traffic behaviour dont change over night. And...

    Second, insurance, TAC, etc. If they do little they are liable. The deffinition of "reasonable" has gone to "better to be safe than sorry"...

  8. G'day everyone,........

    When you place your safety in the hands of goverment,.....
    You are the one who will be sorry!

    Dr Who?
  9. Ok I'll bite.
  10. I just can't buy that premise, I'm afraid. Accidents at Sydney's notorious Miranda roundabout have dropped to nearly zero since it was ploughed up and replaced with lights. Motorists NEED direction and regulation, perhaps more so than less as traffic volumes increase and frustration rises....
  11. Besides which, at certain times of the day I know several intersections where one direction of traffic will dominate without break for a good couple of hours without giving way to the people trying to turn onto the main road.
  12. I read recently that there is a city (somewhere in Sweden?) where they abolished traffic lights etc and went back to basic road rules. Their road crash rates decreased. I think that's the basis of the suggestion to regulate less.