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ABC TV 8pm tonight Friday March 16

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by metalpetal, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. The Collectors tonight features the Sydney Scooter Club showing off their beautiful babies.

    Set your vids, kids.
  2. ooooh serious underestimate on the value of those babies!!!
  3. D'OH!!! It didn't record!!!


    Will have to see when (if) ABC2 repeat this particular episode ...
  4. GO to the ABC website - I think I saw a listing for this evening - it may even repeat on ABC normale.

    It was a little disappointing. A glossy piece that showed off some of the SSC gang's babies.

    The information was not that good or accurate - but it was nice that the subject got a run.

    And if you can find me a Lambretta for $3000, I'll pay you a generous spotter's fee!!
  5. I think they were talking about the real value of a Lambretta, not what people WANT for them.

    I think it was good to see about 30 classic scooters on a run in Sydney and they even showed an Italjet Dragster in one scene...
  6. Like every other collectible on the show, they are valued at what people are prepared to pay for them. That then sets the level for what people want for them.

    Unless you're a total wally, in which case, what you're selling won't sell (unless it's to someone who's an even bigger wally than the seller.)
  7. So now the show has aired two things will happen.

    1. "Hey, that bucket of bolts in the shed is worth serious money"

    2. "Hey, classic scooters are cool. I wanna."

    Prices goes up, no matter what.
  8. Hi Brad

    I reckon the show has an audience of about three people. And I suspect the current rise in interest and sales of scooters will be what drives the prices up further. As more people start buying scooters and taking an interest in the history and culture, the prices of the vintage models will be driven up.

    Oh and thanks for the rather excellent beer.
  9. I think there is actually 4 watching the show. I think you would have to have an interest in scooters to be influenced but hey, if a few more scooters come out of sheds that's a good thing, right?