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ABC Catalyst Program on Motorcycle Clothing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zim, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Just seen a preview, Scientific tests on wearing gear in high temperatures and on abrasion resistance. Seems there is going to be a local 5 star rating on protective gear for riding. Looks really interesting.

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  2. If we end up with a 5 star rating system, will that be like the Aust Standards on helmets, will it increase costs, will reduce what is available in Australia?
    If we did get a star rating on bike gear then it would be a lot easier to legislate it's use. I.e "All motorcycle protective clothing must have a star rating of at least"? Then laws that state riders must wear footwear of a rating no lower than???

    I like the idea of a star rating as I would like to know how effective my gear is, just not sure about the implications if a rating system became mandatory.....
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  3. Somewhere along the line a phalanx of bureaucrats will get paid better than any of us to administer it, that's all you can be sure of.....
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  4. A rating system like you get on your fridge would be fine, a standards system with ties to enforcement would suck.
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  5. Having been a bureaucrat in transport at both a State and Federal level, I can assure you that the pay is, by any private sector standard, poor and the perks that used to make up for the disparity haven't applied for anyone joining the Public Service in the last 20 years or so.

    Had life been so wonderful as a PS I'd still be one, rather than trying to make a living making pots.
  6. podpod Just wondering what you disagree with?
  7. I would like some sort of rating system simply to help make informed choices - I do not want "the man" to tell us what to wear. Sure I would like everyone to be safe, but not at the cost of personal freedom.

    Would be good if they had standard slides at 60/100/120/150/200 kph.
  8. Absolutely against any more regulations insisting on what I must wear. You are for a rating system but unsure of enforced requirements of apparel. I am not unsure just wholeheartedly opposed. I have no view on those who choose ATGATT but I do my thing and am not pleased about being told what to wear. (We have been through this too much already.)
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  9. Hmm you must of miss understood what I was saying. I was trying to say, that while a star rating sounds good, I think it will make it easier for law makers to make laws about it's use, which I think is dangerous.
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  10. In that I agree and I have not seen a rating system that works properly. They are all open to interpretation and politics. Just look at all the standards with helmets. Look at clothing sizes, each manufacturer uses a different ruler. The star rating on car fuel efficiency, etc. Like someone already stated it just gives the bureaucrats another income and confuses the user even more.
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  11. Catalyst

    8pm (EST) tonight 29/03/16, Catalyst
  12. Oh good, Catalyst is on the case. Hopefully they can maintain their fine form from their episodes on statins and wifi.

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  13. Good god....Catalyst. It's now like Today Tonight, except presented by people with P.h.Ds.
  14. isn't Catalyst part of the LNP Governments effort for "balanced programming"? ie forcing ABCSBS to provide shit content similar to the commercial "current affairs" programs? :D

    nah, they are not always that bad, and sometimes very tongue in cheek (like the wifi episode)
  15. You gotta squint pretty hard to see the wifi episode as tongue-in-cheek. Especially when viewed with Demasi's (very sincere) article that the Guardian published the day the episode aired.
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  16. I thought it was pretty crap actually....
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  17. 1.5L of sweat?? My commute is an hour and even fully suited up on a hot day I don't leave a puddle under my bike.
  18. 1500 mL of water is definitely believable -- this is about 3% of your total body water (for an average adult male). We use weight as a surrogate measure of how 'wet' someone in heart or renal failure is. Its not just sweat either -- insensible loss from the lungs would play some part.
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  19. and pedalling? :p

    so... was that aimed at non-motorcyclists? or just advertising for the 5* system?
    showing motorcyclists that there are ways and means to test things?
    why does Australia always feel the need to reinvent systems?

    on a brighter note, how many roads did people recognise? :)