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ABC 774 message board - "Lane splitting! Splitting hair

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scooter, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Re: ABC 774 message board - "Lane splitting! Splitting

    ggrrrrrrrrrrr :evil: :evil: :twisted: what an idiotic thing to say , perfect example of ignorant cage drivers ..... and he says we have enough to worry about .... geez
  2. Im just trying to picture this person.... Mid to late 60's, drives an old corona or camry, has a lovely hat on the back parcel shelf, never caused an accident but boy alot of people have run into him. Last took a driving test in 1946 and the fastest he's been in 90km/h coming back from bowls. I ride a black bike, wear a black jacket and black, helmet with black visor and I have NO problems seeing other cars or bikes!
  3. It seems that the problem of "self interest" lies largely with this particular driver. If he/she spent more time "peering" as he/she so quaintly puts it, then we would have less trouble with ignorant drivers on the road.
  4. I don't get it. I posted a reply but it didn't appear. I hope it just has to be revied first, I spend a lot of time writing it.
  5. I think your logon name needs to be reviewed too.
  6. as far as I know ABC forums are highly moderated (info from someone who handled the forums targeted at younger listeners, but this one could be different) so I wouldn't be surprised if all the comments are vetted before being displayed publicly.
  7. sheesh i wear black gear, black helmet and own a black bike too...

    self interested? yes I suppose I am.. I'm interested in staying alive..
  8. hahahahahahahaa :LOL: what a tosswad :p :p

    "To have to peer around to try to see..."

    you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for cars, bikes, trucks, small fuzzy animals etc. fcuk me mate, how you get along in life not bothering to look around you is beyond me.

    i'm gunna lane split extra fast and extra loud this morning for you :wink:
  9. C'mon people...driver does have alot to worry about.

    This dude needs to worry about answering the mobile, changing cd's or the radio station, talking to the passengers, checking out the chicks walking down the street, putting makeup on, if driver is a female, maybe eating, maybe drinking, maybe checking out what's playing on the dvd. They're very busy people car drivers these days. They can't possibly also have to concentrate on the task of actually driving and keeping an eye out for other vehicles.

    I hope that didn't come across as sarcastic. :p
  10. Well, so here is the other side of the story.

    See - http://www.abc.net.au/melbourne/stories/s1549432.htm

    When I spoke to the RACV last week they, an expert in Vic Road Rules, told me that there is no law that makes lanesplitting illiegal.

    However, according to my old friend Alex Money (who I still hope is my friend), the VMU says it is illegal. Here is part of what is contained in the link above:

    "Alex Money, Media Communications Officer for Victorian Motorcyclist Union, explained to 774’s Penny Johnston during the Safe Driving segment, that the law says that if you pass another vehicle on the inside of the same lane, to the left of the vehicle, it’s illegal. You can’t really ‘lane split’ without breaking the law. And so it’s been illegal for that reason."

    Actually - you can do it legally, inside the extant laws :!: The proposed change makes it explicitly illegal and therefore more easily enforceable. This is what the Police need - so that they can ping us anytime they like. Is that what we really want? :mad: :mad:

    The MRAA has done a lot of research on lane splitting over the last week or two. We have sought advice from experts and relied on published reports.

    Finally, the MRAA has insitiated and raised the debate in the public forum (albeit with help from Netrider). If the MRAA had not issued a few media releases - one has to ask where would we be now?
  11. Reprehensible as Driver's views may be to us, they do represent the views of a great number of cagers - quite possibly the majority. So this is what we have to deal with in convincing politicians and bureaucrats.
    One of the aspects that I've been considering is the issue of who's responsible in the event of a bingle. My own view is that it is the rider's responsibility to ensure that any filtering done, is safe. If I were to formulate legislation that explicitly legalised filtering, I would actually put the onus on the rider, so long as no car driver actually broke another law (like failing to indicate, for example)
    You can't really expect the entire road user community to re-adjust to suit our wishes, so I think part of the strategy sjould be to say, "We accept the responsibility for making sure that filtering is only done in a safe manner. So long as no other law is broken, any accident will automatically be our fault."
    It's not an unreasonable price to pay for the privilege, if it helps clear up some of the grey areas of law.
  12. yes.

    cant add much more to that, fair is fair :)
  13. I disagree with automatically putting riders at fault - it opens the door to 4-wheel vigilantes and would mean that in an accident like Jason's, he'd be at fault, even if the driver failed to look before indicating and poking her nose in between lanes.
  14. not to mention people intentionally open doors on you....or purposely swerving across your path. No way am I taking the rap for someone who has intentionally tried to harm me.
  15. i guess it has to be within reason doesn't it. i mean with the nosing, they'd have to be indicating and you ARE meant to indicate before moving not while :LOL: (a fact that 90% of vic drivers seem to forget :roll: ) and for opening doors, i'm sure there would be something in the law aready that prevents this, its the car drivers fault if they take out a cyclist or a car while doing this, why would it be different for lanesplitters?

    in the end, drivers still have to LOOK before moving, they should be doing this anyway and should see an upcoming bike before they move.

    still agree with titus, might just have to make a few more things illegal for cagers :wink:
  16. Perhaps some of the $50 levy could be spent on a "Share the Lane" education campaign for cages... :roll:

    It was done in Europe where they did a series of commercials (I think Austria, but while I'm not as old a fart as Brian :) I can't remember which country exactly - I remember the commercial I saw though :LOL: )

  17. In these cases, wouldn't the driver have broken another law, such as failing to indicate, dangerous lane change, deliberately causing accident etc.?
    What I am saying is that if we argue that it is safe, we need to take responsibility for making it safe. If we argue that cars must give way to allow us to do so, it confirms that it is not safe.
    That doesn't let cagers off the hook for being careful, or deliberately harming us. But there will be times that it unsafe to filter, and in those circumstances you can't expect to be immune from the consequences if you do the wrong thing.
  18. Exactly. Brian argues that it's always dangerous...

    The truth of the matter is that people won't filter if they feel the gap is too narrow or if it's unsafe. That's the same whether it is legal or not.

    In the same way we make a safety judgement whenever we overtake, or pull into a line of traffic or any other thing we do on the road.

    What Brian appears to think is that the moment something becomes legal (or at least not specifically illegal) then judgement goes out the window - if it's legal than I can do it - I don't know too many riders who think like that. Anyone that does think like that won't survive on the roads for long anyway. :?

    As riders we make judgements all the time based on our experience and skill levels. Sometimes we can get it wrong for whatever reasons and that's when we need to take the consequences.

    (PS: Happy 60th Brian you old fart...
    sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday) :LOL: :LOL: