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Abba Superbike Stand

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by MMMTS, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Just purchased one of these :) Got to be the BEST stand on the market today.

    Made in England but don't buy it from them, buy it from Mr Le Billion in New Zealand.....I will post the address when I can find it lol I purchased the Bike Stand, Front Lift, Tech Kit with post included was $790.00 you guys won't need the Tech Kit so it should be a lot cheaper.

    This stand uses the swing arm pivot point and the front stand just goes under the motor or exhaust, works really well and my kit in particular will lift almost all bikes by just changing fittings, I will put up a photo ASAP to give you a look see.

    More to follow.....
  2. How much did it cost to get it sent over from nz? i need one badly for my bike as its literally the only way to get the back wheel up at home.
  3. I think it was $125.00 AUD