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Abandoned Towns

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Thought I would start off a discussion on abandoned towns , amusement parks, e.t.c. , to see what people have seen , read , or maybe visited themselves.

    To start , here is a link to a couple of abandoned amusement parks, with vid clips, that show that nature has taken over, long after all the laughs have stopped.
    One of the clips shows the Six Flags Park from New Orleons that has not reopened since the disaster there a few years ago.

    This link is pics from the Chernobyl area, and the abandoned town of Pripyat.
    This disaster happened almost 25 years ago.

    So what else is there about the net, that people have read about, hopefully with a story attached and pics.....
  2. Plenty of examples in Australia wherever mining has come and gone. Somewhere I have some pics of the old Mary Kathleen township, where every house and building was pulled up and sold thanks to a change in Government policy (roads are still there, and the mine still has plenty of ore left in it). There's a few other remnant towns scattered around the Mount Isa/Cloncurry region I think I may also still have pictures of.

    I've also visited the town of Grassy on King Island back when it was still a ghost town after the closure of the scheelite mine, though it has now been turned into a christian school camp.

    Another example I've unfortunately not had the chance to visit would be the town of Wittenoom, though good luck finding it now that it officially no longer exists (all signs pointing to it have been removed, and its been struck off all official maps). Not sure if it's truly a ghost town or not though. Last I heard there were people still living out there which the Government were threatening to remove by (military) force, but not sure if that ever happened or not.
  3. On advrider a rider went to Mongolia as well as Siberia and had heaps of pics of abandoned towns the pics are eerie, when I get back onto a proper connection I'll link the pics
  4. Plenty of abandoned mining towns in the WA Goldfields. There's generally not much to see though. Because building materials are expensive to transport, most were pretty thoroughly demolished and the materials reused elsewhere. Usually there's just the pub cellars and the associated heaps of broken bottles to show for it. Or a patch of feral cactii where someone's garden was abandoned.
  5. It doesn't sound like there's such a thing as a "ghost town" in Australia then? I'm thinking of a main drag with deserted buildings down both sides, kinda thing?
    Great idea for a long tour =D>
  6. Yep, that's the one.
    I like the fact that Google street view works on a town that has been officially delisted.
  7. No difficulty then in finding accommodation for the night, huh ? (y)
  8. That's the idea Nick: pitch a tent inside ;)
    I can just see the photos during sunrise, contrasting the birth of a new day with a dead town...
  9. That's assuming you haven't been eaten in the night by the psychotic, mutant fringe-dwellers :twisted:.
  10. Nah the zombies scared them all away
  11. Not to say our manic 2 wheeled drags, wheelies & stoppies up & down the main street, alcoholic tendencies, loud & raucous laughter etc etc wouldn't do it either...
  12. You saw right through me!
  13. Hmm witternoon TT?
  14. 1973 1974 Saturdays in Mt Isa would see a big group of us out at Mary Kathleen for an Hungie and a piss up, Never seen the remains of the town, But we used to swim in the entrance to the mine, Huge Big hole full of water,
    The mine closed because they hit an under ground river and it filled up with water, There was too much water to pump, so they abandoned it,
  15. On posties!
  16. I llived in Cloncurry/Isa for 6 years and have some pic's you might like. Mary K, Ernest Henry, Selwyn (after it closed down, active as an exploration camp, Tailings Dam pics etc.) Osbourne Mine and a few others.

  17. Which is quite radioactive, especially with the large pile of high grade uranium ore that's sitting next to it. Having been down in the pit with a geiger counter there's no way in hell I'd go swimming there, no matter how blue the water looks.