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[Abandoned thread] SDR levers

Discussion in 'Archived' started by robt, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. I have a pair of almost new sdr levers off a k6 suzuki gsxr 1000. Black with no scratches or marks. $100 posted anywhere. 0412968190 20150916_165609.

  2. I'm willing to pay it forward. These levers are free if someone wants to pay postage.
  3. I'll take 'em. Are you in Melbourne - I can pick up or pay postage or what-not.
  4. I don't intend any ill will to this but one would hope you've got a GSXR to install them on and are just not thinking of on selling them.......
  5. Yeah, good point. I don't intend to sell them on, but I have just had a look-see at SDR's website and it doesn't seem like they'd fit my KTM. Ah well, not the levers for me.
  6. Yeah all good and I wasn't meaning to be rude it's just when someone is offering something like this I don't want to see them taken advantage of for someone else profit.
  7. No probs. It was needlessly optimistic to think they're interchangeable.
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  8. Not available anymore. Got a call sorry guys.
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