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[Abandoned thread] Mens bike gear

Discussion in 'Archived' started by aus_dragon, Nov 6, 2014.

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  1. For sale

    - Blue/black/white men's Rjays leather jacket. There are a few scuff marks. (As shown in pics) size 42. $40
    - Hardly used Rjays back protector. Never damaged.. $50
    - Red/white/black 2 piece Berik race suit only used about 4 times. No falls. Full armour protection. Size 52. $300
    - blue camo Dragon pants has a few marks (as in pics). Size 38. $30
    - Hardly used men'sSartso Killer kevlar jeans. Size 34 $50 20141106_195545. 20141106_195612. 20141106_195644. 20141106_195740. 20141106_195323. 20141106_195337.

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  2. Hey, interested in the back protector, is it a universal size? and where are you located?
  3. The label says Large/Extra large.

    When i was wearing it i was approx 80kg and 5'9" it fit me quite well
  4. Price drops

    - Rjays leather jacket. size 42. $25
    - Rjays back protector. $40
    - Berik race suit. Size 52. $250
    - Dragon pants Size 38. $20
    - Sartso Killer kevlar jeans. Size 34 $40
  5. Is the race suit perforated at all? or is it a steamer???
  6. I'll take the race suit if it's still available!
  7. There are breathable sections on the suit.

    Yes it is still available
  8. Ok, I'll take it, pm the details thanks.
  9. Anything still for sale?
  10. all but the race suit
  11. Interested in the jacket. Has it got armour/back protector built in and a liner?

    And whereabouts are you located?
  12. the RJs jacket does not have rigid armour in it, has additional padding on the elbows and I think the shoulders maybe
    but other than that its just a normal leather jacket
    and def no back protector in it
    that is why i bought the other one
  13. located in Stanhope Gardens
  14. Interested in the jacket - just want to double check my size when I get home this arvo.
    Would you post at my expense?
  15. I have an R-jays XXL .... anyone know the conversion for that?
  16. Hey mate, I know you've had this add here for a while, but are the camo dragon pants still for sale? And do they have any amor?,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.