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[Abandoned thread] Daytona Clubman Boots size EU40

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by doc dogg, Aug 22, 2015.

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  1. #1 doc dogg, Aug 22, 2015
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    I picked these boots up on Ebay the other week but they are a bit too tight in the toe section for my hobbit feet. Just for comparison I wear a 42 in Alpine Stars (with room in the toe) and a 7 in Rossi work boots. The Daytona boots are a smidge too short and would fit me width wise if I cut off my little toe.

    They are in pretty good condition, with the sole having minor peg marks and a few scuffs where you would expect a used pair of boots to have them. I'd call them 98%.

    I put new toe sliders on them because the previous owner lost one and I didn't want to limit myself to getting a toe down on the right side only.

    They are soft and supple leather with plastic shin, ankle, heel and toe/shifter protection. I'm sure they would be very comfortable for someone whose feet do not resemble Howard the Duck's.

    I paid $130 all up including the sliders, so that's what I want for them. The money will go towards a new pair of Daytona Roadstars in 41 wide. Locals can either try them on at my home or I can take them to work with me in Braddon. PM me and we can sort something out. Interstate buyers can have them shipped to them, it cost me $20 to get them from Melbourne to Canberra so the price will be something around there, again PM and we can sort something out.


    They say "Sports" on them so that will shave 1.2s off your lap times.
    boots 06.

    The back part expands to accommodate both skinny hipster calves as well as manly power-lifter calves.
    boots 01.

    They have these rubbery gators to stop you getting your leg hair caught in the zip.
    boots 04.

    Very grippy velcro and the zips are very smooth
    boots 05.

    These soles are the standard Daytona race soles
    boots 08.

    Top view showing the shift pads on both feet, just in case you own a pre-70s British bike
    boots 07.
  2. They look lovely, but unfortunately I have horse feet. I've never Cinderella'd anything but at that price you shouldn't have too much trouble moving them. Good luck
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.