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[Abandoned thread] ( -boots) 2 x helmet (inc SHOEI) + Road Sack Reflective backpack

Discussion in 'Archived' started by samtastic, Feb 26, 2015.

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  1. i am selling my old moto riding gear. this is a good opportunity for a beginner rider to pick up a set of motorbike skins at a good price. the outfit has been in storage for the last three years, but kept out of the sun, and kept from extreme temperatures.

    leather gloves with kevlar pads, padded synthetic riding jacket and padded pants. the pants and jacket also come with removable quilted lining, for cold-weather riding.

    there is also a second helmet for a passenger and some wet-weather pants.

    also included is a reflective 'Road Sack' bag specifically designed for riders. it works as a backpack, reflective vest and spine protector (so long as the waistband straps are properly secured).

    the riding gear is all to fit a medium-build rider (i am 181cm tall, 30" waist, but they could fit someone a bit larger - the pants and jacket both have adjustable straps to alter the size).

    for most of the gear, (Shoei helmet, kevlar gloves, padded jacket and pants, reflective Road Sack backpack), i am the first and only owner. it was all purchased new when i started riding, and has never been involved in any major accident. there was a tear in one sleeve of the jacket (pictured), this happened through a bush-walking accident rather than riding (i fell into a bush). the tear is along the seam, on the underside of the right sleeve - i have since sewn it closed again using heavy-duty nylon thread. if i didn't think the riding gear could still provide good protection, i wouldn't be selling it. this is a good opportunity to pick up some riding gear at a good price (the SHOEI helmet alone cost about $600 new, and is still in excellent condition).

    for sale;

    P1060037.JPG P1060038.JPG P1060041.JPG P1060039.JPG P1060040.JPG P1060042.JPG

    synthetic padded jacket + quilted lining
    synthetic padded pants + quilted lining
    Shoei helmet
    KBC helmet
    Puma wet-weather pants
    leather + kevlar riding gloves
    Road Sack reflective backpack

    helmet sizes;

    KBC is size 'M' "57-58cm" and the SHOEI is approx the same size

    $250 for all

    located in Kensington, 3031

    selling because i am headed overseas.



    0468 633 573
    spunout85 (at) gmail (dot) com

    P1060046.JPG P1060037.JPG




  2. thats a good deal still have these items ?
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