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[Abandoned thread] 2014 Honda CBR500R ABS

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Shrike, Mar 3, 2015.

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  1. Hey all

    Considering Selling my 2014 CBR500R as I am wanting something bigger

    Bike was brought by me new from Motorcycleland Ballarat in June last year

    Had one small drop in my garage due to me being a muppet and not making sure the kickstand was locked

    Currently has a small scrape on the clutch lever, Left hand mirror, left bar end, Alternator cover and some minor marks on the fairing (Barely noticeable unless your looking for them)

    Bike comes with all the brand new oem parts to replace the damaged items (minus a fairing)

    Left brake mirror, a set of bar ends, clutch lever, engine cover and gasket

    I have put brand new oem indicators on the front with orange lense's as I find they pop out more :) also have the original smoked indicator lenses which one has a minor scuff but not super noticeable

    I haven't put the new parts on as the minor damage doesn't bother me

    Bike has about 9300kms on it at the moment and the first service was done at around the 800km mark

    Tyres probably have about 700km left in them and I will be putting a new set on in the next couple of weeks

    Minor wear on the tank (I am looking at getting it fixed under warranty) small scratches on the rear grab bars and slight paint fade at the back from the pillion again not overly noticeable but I am being honest

    Washed most weekends as I ride in all conditions, Chain has been lubed every 2nd tank of gas or more if its been raining, I normally part in a garage.

    Will take some better pictures once I have washed it

    Price wise I would like to get around the $7000 mark but I am negotiable, would maybe consider knocking a little off if I didn't put new tyres on

    Will consider getting an RWC but it should have no trouble passing

    Rego should be until June/July

    I am in no rush to sell at this stage and kms may go up a little as I am still riding it

    This is Lams bike and should hold most people over until they get their full licence or would be a great commuter.

    Personally if I hadn't had something bigger previously I would keep it, only reason I brought it was so I could build up an insurance history in Australia

    I am located in Wendouree out in Ballarat

    Happy for questions, inspections and test rides with cash in my hand and a valid licence

    I can bring it into the city if need be

    No stupid offers as I know what I would get as trade in

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  2. New Tyre's going on as of Monday morning, Bike is at 9700km atm and will be at 10K after the weekend

    Just finished working 13days straight so haven't had a chance to post pics or wash her :(

    I will put the bike through its next service for the new buyer
  3. 10300ish kms on the bike now and am getting a new set of Shinko 016's put on today, will be looking at getting the minor paint fade touched up.

    Forgot to mention I have a tank protector pad installed
  4. Bike has had the tyres scrubbed in and is going in for its 12000km service on Friday morning all going well other wise it'll be next week

    Price drop to $6800
  5. Just had the 12000km service done and got a new set of plugs

    Plugs didn't need changed till 24000km but it felt alittle fluffy so changed them early

    I have receipts and an upto date warranty booklet
  6. Bike is just under 15000km now, Just brought another year of rego Tyres still have another 5000km left in them

    Open to offers and I am not riding as much now.
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