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[Abandoned thread] 2012 Triumph Bonneville

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Sep 29, 2015.

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  1. #1 QuarterWit, Sep 29, 2015
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    Up for sale is my beloved 2012 Triumph Bonneville. It's been meticulously cared for and outfitted with some fairly serious modifications. 34,000km's on the clock. In my opinion it's the best handling, best running and (possibly) the best looking Bonnie out there. I'll run through some of the modifications...

    The main aesthetic change is the tank. It was stripped to bare metal, powdercoated clear, had the old Triumph logo hand painted by TJ Signwriting and then painted gloss clear over the top.

    The engine runs Staintune exhausts, professionally hi-temp painted black. TTP 'breathe' air intake and map. Airbox baffle, o2 sensors and AIS all removed. DNA air filter. All this means the bike doesn't snap and surge in low throttle openings a standard FI Bonneville. It's also more fuel efficient. Figure that out! The powerplant is easily the best I've experience on any of the Triumph retro classic range. It's gorgeous now.

    Stock suspension is woeful to the point of being dangerous. It’s oversprung, underdampened and riding over typically poorly sealed Australian roads will leave you in agony. I’m 75kg and the suspension set up would be ideal for someone a little bit heavier than myself. It’s drastically better than standard, but a little too stiff for my liking. To fix this, the Bonnie runs Ohlins suspension at the rear, Ricor 'intimidators' at the front and harder, constant wound springs with lower weight fork oil. Handles beautifully.

    And there's a host of other tidbits...

    Free Spirits dash and idiot lights
    Gum rips
    Renthal Ultra Low bars
    Maund fender eliminator kit
    Ignition Relocated
    New headlight ears
    BC leather 'slammer' seat
    Posh mirrors
    Adjustable levers
    Norman Hyde centre stand
    Mag wheels, soft pannier supports (not pictured) and various other bits and pieces powder coated black by Coburg Powder Coating.

    Pirelli Sport demons are 5,000km’s old.

    Chain and sprockets are in good condition with 7,000km’s on them

    There’s also a few tools that you might want. There’s some special cam backlash retaining gear pins (you don’t want to know how much these were) and a Haynes manual too.

    Except for it’s first service, the bike has been looked after by me. The oil has been changed twice as often as recommended by Triumph, the valves checked and replaced and all the usual tightening and swearing has been done as per the manual.

    It’s reliable, it’s a great bike and it’s quite the head turner. Most of the original parts are still kicking around the garage, so you can have them too.

    If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. All the parts required to take it back to roadworthy (guards, exhausts etc) but I don't have time to do the RWC thing myself.

    Contact me for a chance to own one of the best handling, best running, best looking and reliable Bonnie's out there.

    (Also, the bike is semi internet famous. If you go to YouTube and google 'Honest Bonneville review' that's my bike, and me talking about it)





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  2. Nice looking beastie there, good luck with the sale.

    What are you getting for yourself then?
  3. That looks gorgeous QuarterWitQuarterWit

    I really wish I had some spare money to get this as well...

    BOL for the sale.
  4. Very nice good luck with the sale:)
  5. Thanks for your kind words!

    Not known as yet. Possibly a Ducati Scambler. I live in Zone 1 and have a beard, so it's kind of compulsory.

    My other half got a ratty old SR500 which has scratched my itch for spanner turning in the meantime!
  6. No motor required then, get a fixie pushie lol...
  7. Already have that, a smith magazine subscription and a pending TV deal. I own Zone 1.
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  8. Surely with a massive 68HP on tap these are toast by now?
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