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[Abandoned thread] 2012 BMW GS 650 Sertao

Discussion in 'Archived' started by cruisin4abruisin, Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. Hi everyone, After much soul searching, I have decided to put my beloved Bessie up for sale.
    Details are:
    2012 BMW GS 650 Sertao.
    Two Owner bike.
    Has been dropped once by the first owner-no major damage, couple of scrapes on some plastics, small crack in the rear right hand side plastic, slight buckle in front rim.
    Has approx 13,500 KMs, will update this with a picture soon.
    Near new Hidenau rear tyre-dual purpose.
    Front tyre will need replacing-I can have this done, but will come down to what you pay foir the bike.
    Rego due in August-again, I can pay this, but will come down to price paid in the end-same with a RWC.
    Comes with Genuine BMW Vario Panniers and top box. Also has a clip lock tank bag.
    Service books and manual, also spare key. Was serviced by Blacklocks BMW at 11,000 KMs, they didnt sdtamp the book, but I will endeavor to have this done, its on their computers anyway.
    She also has two stage heated grips and switchable ABS brakes.
    Bessie has been a great bike and I will be sad to see her go, but whats happened has happened.
    She is in fantastic condition,
    in the time I have had her and I would \say the same for the previous owner also. An inspection and or test ride will surely impress.
    Located in Benalla, North Eastern Victoria.
    Price is $9,500, I also have a set of road leathers that can be sold with it also at that price.
    She rides like an absolute dream and is fantastic for touring. Also very capable on the dirt roads and firetrails.
    I can be contacted on: 0408499902 any weekday after 5:30PM or anytime on the weekend.
    10481040_955950541124510_3602394970580851279_o. 10549754_955949587791272_2040481267940167211_o. 11011737_955950474457850_5805546681375036902_o.

  2. 1lea.
    These are the leathers. All points Armour and spine protector also. Also have 2 sets cordura gear if wanted as well, one has amour, one does not. Also a set of road boots can be included.
  3. 'Eh? What happened mate? Your big trip was only a few weeks back. No longer biking or wanting something different?
  4. Why?
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  5. ^^ +1
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  6. Change in direction of the type of riding Ill be doing.
  7. Very mysterious lol. You mean cruisers or the like, or pedal power....
  8. You only got the bike a few months back, yes?
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  9. #9 cruisin4abruisin, Jul 23, 2015
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  10. Gotcha, enjoy...
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  11. #12 cruisin4abruisin, Sep 11, 2015
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    Price drop. $8,000 with rego in Vic till August 2016. And now looking at a sportsbike.
  12. Sportsbike? Why bother? Just keep what you have. What happened to the dirt bike idea? Go cold?
  13. Gooza, There is a few reasons, I have a 4x4, dont exactly go bush as often as I thought I would, commuter (when I say "sportsbike" that basically refers to something like a Honda CB/CBR, Kawasaki Ninja, Zook GSX etc etc) bike would be alright for what Ill do, plus lighter and probably easier on me, (have a couple of things plaguing me at the moment). Also the bike will be less in CC's also.,
  14. i know it's an old post... just checking, did you sell the bike yet?
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