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[Abandoned thread] 2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Wulfgar, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Hey All,

    I'm going to sell my Rocket. Looking for $15,000 firm. Currently Rego'd in QLD with the rego 350 LB and is rego'd till August 16 2016.

    33k Klm's, I'm the second owner, purchased from Triumph Nerang on the Gold Coast in 2013. In that time I've had it I've only had it served by Charlie at Turn 1, those of you who own Trumpys should know him being the best mechanic in Vic for Trumpys. New tyres front and rear, brakes are near new, service about to be completed. at 35k Klms if I get it up that far.

    I want to downsize and grab a smaller commuter bike and possibly a cheapish cage. Sad I know. Anyways, let me know if interested, I'll get more details up on here as I get home and grab them to upload i.e VIN, Engine etc.

    Pics attached,

    P.S - Please ignore the small child, it isn't included in the sale. :)

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  2. Shame Wulfgar. Beautiful bike and you've obviously done work on it. Hope you get what you want for it and your downgrade and car also serve you equally as well.
  3. Thanks Kupe, She's a beautiful ride. It's just being a bit too unwieldly as a commuter in Melbourne haha. That and I've now busted my knee so may not even get another bike :(
  4. I hope not. A cheap café cruiser may suit your needs, particularly with the triangulation, what with your knee problem *and sorry to hear about that*. I guess it won't be long before I follow along the same path. I'm 69 soon and the Truimph is getting a bit top heavy. Oddly enough, the Yamaha isn't though and that's heavier with a bigger donk. I think the lower centre of gravity with the V-twin makes it a lot more manageable.

    Anyway, I hope you eventually come back to riding ... it took me over 30 years to buy another bike. Only to have bloody old age creep up on me. Lol!
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Thread Status:
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