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[Abandoned thread] 2007 Kawasaki ER6n

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by daniel270991, Jun 9, 2015.

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  1. #1 daniel270991, Jun 9, 2015
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    Up for sale is a fantastic Kawasaki ER6n (2007) 650cc Motorcycle. (See below for Photos)

    - 'Wildfire Orange' color - rare color of the ER6 model
    - Low 11,400 kilometers
    - CNC Orange adjustable brake and clutch levers
    - Full service history, with manuals⁄books and receipts available

    Selling on behalf of my father who has recently moved up to country Vic, and would be easier for prospective buyers to see it at my place (10 mins from the city) rather than travelling over 2 and a half hours to North West Victoria! I can verify his ownership for any interested, who can organize to speak to him, and run over any details needed. He is only selling it as it has seriously not been used in the last 6 months, and will only continue to be un-used up in the country.

    It has a full and complete service history from Peter Stevens, and has receipts to prove services were completed at the center. All original books and manuals are also included.

    Cosmetically and mechanically, the bike is A1. It has plenty of usable power for a 650cc, and looks absolutely fantastic, as well. The reliability of the Kawasaki 650cc twin is highly regarded as one of the best in mid-size bikes.

    The bike has been cared by a genuine motorcycle enthusiast, and would make a seriously good commuter, or a weekender.

    Asking $5500, which includes around 8 months of registration, and a Roadworthy certificate for the new owner (see below paragraph).

    Have done some looking and there is not too many on the market for sale. This is one of the ones with much low(er) kilometers than most, and including Rego and a RWC. Registration expires on the 11th of February, next year (2016), and a roadworthy certificate is included for the price, although negotiable if you have a contact or can do it on your end. The bike will need literally nothing for the RWC, all usual items (tyres, brake pads, reflectors, signals, etc) are in good condition.

    If there is any questions or queries, please feel free to contact. I can take more pictures on request, if needed. Inspections are most welcomed and definitely recommended.




    Negotiable for the right person of course, probably forgot to mention this.

  2. Reducing the price to $5,250 ONO. Please pass it to anyone who might be interested in a fantastic example of an ER6. Negotiable to genuine inquiries, and would be chuffed if it goes to someone from the NR community. Cheers
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    Reducing the bike to $5,000 ono. Have also taken a few new(er) photos as below. Please PM me for any more info, etc.







  4. still up for sale ? where is bike located ?
  5. Also interested beautiful color
  6. Hi, yes the bike is still available, I'm located in Seabrook ( Postcode 3028 ). About 15 mins from the CBD.

    Thanks, there should be more orange bikes around!

    PM sent to both
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    Nice bike a friend maybe interested lives point crook. Will advise you if she wants a look, nice looking bike and great price

    Just realised, is this a lams approved bike?
  8. Thanks for your query mate, just so you know this is the full power model, which isn't LAMS approved, for full licensed riders!
  9. Reducing down to $4900, Netriders only!
    Alot of bike for a very reasonable price, there's not many for sale at all.
  10. #10 daniel270991, Nov 4, 2015
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    Updating the ad - can't believe it is still around for sale!

    Will be happy to organise a swap or trade deal for 2 stroke motorcycles - road or off road. Preferably off road, but still happy to hear what you have.
    Of course, normally for sale still as well.
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  11. Posting up some recent photos when I took it out yesterday - still for sale!
    As in my last post, looking for either a sale, or a trade/part trade for a dirt-bike (recreational registration preferred) - either 2 or 4 stroke, or a road/trail bike. Might also be interested LAMS approved bikes as a part trade deal also.
    Such a nice bike - shame no one has appreciated it for what it is yet!



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