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[Abandoned thread] 1998 Ducati 996

Discussion in 'Archived' started by robt, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. #1 robt, Aug 19, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
    Hi guys,
    Genuine 15000k 996. The bike was a rebuild project for me and has a new frame. My 1999 Ducati 996 project | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community Its a nut and bolt rebuild with all original parts. It has done zero ks since the rebuild as I have no time to register it. The engine has new belts and is like new as I have had it inspected. It has no chips, marks or anything. It has a fully polished original exhaust with genuine carbon Termi mufflers. Tyres are 99% new. It presents as a new bike. Fairings are not Chinese, they are the original ones that came with the bike. New battery, oil, coolant, brake and clutch fluid. $11999. Rob, Drysdale: 0412 968 190,
    2015-05-02 16.09.38. IMG_0273.JPG IMG_0277.JPG

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  2. if i had the money and the space..... good luck mate, nice bike
  3. what he said, lovely.
  4. robtrobt why don't you put a link to your rebuild thread Rob so people can see the amount of work and attention to detail you went to on the project?

    I wont do it because you may not want to for some reason. Seems a good idea to me though?

    Good luck with the sale
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  5. Thanks guys. Feel free to add anything you like.
    I can confirm that it can be registered anywhere in Aus. I just need to look after my baby daughter who needs special care.
  6. my best wishes for a quick sale and whatever you need for your daughter.
  7. Shit mate....all the best for your daughter. I really mean that having a daughter recently recover from surgery.
  8. Its not too bad. I just need to do something different.
  9. I'm thinking of getting it registered for sale. $12k registered or $10k unregistered.
  10. I think that will ease the minds of buyers knowing its already registered.. Could be the move..
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  11. I very much agree with that, as it's just another obstacle to any potential buyer at the moment.
    Good luck robtrobt
  12. I will get it registered then.
    But that will mean i can't move too much on price.
  13. I have a lotto ticket I need to check...
  14. Its not that expensive. I've seen 15k.
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  15. its expensive when you haven't got the money.
    It is a beautiful bike robtrobt.
  16. $9500 if anyone is interested. Oh and it's a 1998 model.
  17. dont just give this thing away robt.
  18. I won't. That's the lowest I will go. I started it up yesterday and boy did it sound loud. Set the car alarm off. It makes my K6 1000 sound like an electric bike.
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  19. Sale on hold pending further developments.
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