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[Abandoned thread] 1997 Kawasaki ZX6-R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by rudey, Nov 6, 2014.

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  1. Hi Everyone.
    The wife and I have recently had a baby girl and I just don't have the time to go for rides these days, so I'm selling my bike. Heres some pics:

    This model (96-98) is the last of the carburetored 600 ninjas. Comparing the performance to modern fuel injected sporty 600s (like a friends R6), I find that this bike has more power in the mid range and the new bikes cant really pull away until you really rev them out. Lets face it, the bike did a quarter mile in 10.9 seconds from the factory, even after 80,000kms its no slouch. Its also a slightly larger frame then modern bikes and that makes it really comfortable if you a slightly larger guy like me(185cm, 95kg).

    Here are some details:

    • 1997 Kawasaki Ninja.
    • 82059kms. Dont let this scare you. Its been well looked after and runs great.
    • Price: $2200 negotiable
    • In good mechanical order. Chain and sprockets were replaced about 10,000kms ago. The carbies were tuned years ago by an expert in the field and they have never given me any issues in winter or summer. It starts every time. In all honesty it could do with new tyres soon. Had the front and rear suspension completely overhauled and upgraded (at great cost) about 7 months ago (less then 1,000kms). It has near new brake pads front and rear. It has been regularly serviced. It really is in good mechanical condition.
    • I had the seats covered in new vinyl about a year ago, with grippy vinyl on the pillion seat.
    • There is some minor cosmetic damage to the fairings on the right hand side. I dropped it on a grassy slope at low speed. This happened two years ago and I have not noticed any mechanical damage, just cosmetic. You can get a new set of painted fairings of ebay for not much($500 ish) and bolt is right on. Bang, brand new look.
    • I have never had it on a track, but now that I'm selling it I kinda wish I did.
    • I also have a printed copy of the Kawasaki zx6r workshop manual. And I'll also throw in the chain lube and other paraphernalia which I will not longer need.
    I really love this bike. After years of riding it, it feels like an extension of my body. But I need to get rid of it as there is no space to store it till it becomes vintage.

    Either message me or post here if you interested.
  2. Good luck with your sale.
    FWIW, ZX6's weren't fuel injected until the 2003 model came out
  3. Thanks Mate, I did not know that.
  4. Any offers?
  5. Do you still have the bike now that the dust has settled? ;)
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